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How electronic document delivery and management helps your customers as well as you

Chris Oswald
Electronic document delivery and management improves customer service and reduces costs.

When considering the benefits of electronic document delivery and filing, many organizations concentrate on the internal benefits such as reduced costs, increased efficiency, disaster recovery and reducing the risk of mislaid documents.  However, the benefits of managing documents electronically can reach outside of the organization, and most importantly to your customers.

We all know what it can be like to contact a company to resolve an issue, only to be passed from department to department, or wait on hold while someone retrieves the paperwork.  Worse is when that paperwork is lost and you have to resend everything through again.  If that company managed those documents electronically, however, then up to date information complete with all the relevant documentation would be on hand to whoever answered the phone, allowing the query to be resolved as quickly as possible.

For example, Zetadocs provides electronic delivery and filing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP systems.  As financial documents such as invoices, statements, purchase orders, sales orders etc. are sent out of the organization, they are automatically archived electronically for retrieval.  What’s more, incoming information on emails, faxes or scanned documents can be easily captured electronically and archived alongside the outbound information.

So, let’s imagine that a customer has placed an order which is subsequently amended via email.  The order is shipped and the packing note signed to confirm delivery of the amended amount.  Now, once the invoice is sent (electronically by email of course), the customer accounts team telephones to dispute the quantity on the invoice.  The person receiving the call can log into their system and retrieve the original order, the email that amended the order and the signed delivery note all in a matter of minutes.  No passing from department to department, no waiting around to retrieve files and no lost documents.

How’s that for customer service?

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