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Announcement: Zetadocs Expenses now available as an Express edition

Announcement: Zetadocs Expenses now available as an Express edition

Free expense management on Business Central cloud

Graeme Farquhar

We are delighted to announce that Zetadocs Expenses, our award-winning expense management solution, is now available as a free Express edition for Business Central cloud customers.

Many of you will be familiar with our popular Express editions of Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture. These offer Business Central and NAV users the ability to drag and drop documents directly onto their appropriate record, and to save and send reports by email.

Introducing an Express edition of Zetadocs Expenses means that Business Central cloud users now have access to core features which help fill the expense management gap in Business Central, in addition to our foundation document management software.

Why now?

We believe that now is the right time to offer a free solution that can be put in place whilst the number of expenses each month are typically down due to enforced working restrictions. This ensures you are ready for the future when travel, entertainment and reimbursable expense claims are likely to start to climb again.

What’s included in the Express edition?

There are a variety of benefits available to users of the Express edition of Zetadocs Expenses:

  • Fast, reimbursable expenses: As soon as you incur an expense (cash or mileage), enter it in the Zetadocs Expenses app along with a picture of the receipt and submit. This helps you to get paid quicker and reduces the hours spent each month end compiling a written report and trawling through paper receipts

  • Approval on the go: Managers can approve expense claims using the app on their phone or at their desk using their browser, allowing them to sign off expense reports while on the go. Managers can also receive prompts when an employee’s expense report is awaiting approval, which further facilitates rapid reimbursement
  • Total visibility: Finance teams have visibility of each stage of an expense report. This helps identify where any possible errors occur and allows finance teams to chase appropriate people to ensure the monthly pay run is met on time
  • Export to Business Central: Finance teams can export approved expense reports to Business Central. No rekeying is required as expenses are recorded as purchase invoices or journals, with vendor, GL, dimension and tax codes already set

The Express edition of Zetadocs Expenses is available at no software cost for up to 25 users of Business Central cloud customers. It is easy to set up and fills a gap in Business Central functionality for free.

What about implementation and support?

We have created these helpful quick start videos so that users can start using Zetadocs Expenses straight away once they are set up. To get set up and using the software, implementation and ongoing support are available.

While the Express edition of Zetadocs Expenses has a simpler feature set and is restricted to 25 users, it is a powerful business tool. Once adopted by the wider business, it can become mission critical.

Having experts on hand that can quickly troubleshoot any problems that arise will save precious time and delays whilst looking for the right answer. Purchasing an implementation and support plan in year one will also ensure your system is setup correctly and the integration with Business Central is carried out by professionals.

What if I need to more features?

For users who require greater functionality, an upgrade is available that includes features such as:

  • Automation
    • Credit card reconciliation: Export matched company credit card transactions to save your finance team rekeying each statement line separately into Business Central
    • Custom export: Use a custom extension to apply additional business logic that records each approved expense in Business Central in whatever way you need
  • Control
    • Business rules: Set departmental approvers and limit certain expense types and vehicles to specific groups or individual users
    • Policy enforcement: Companies can set limits on spending depending on the type of expense, helping to keep spending under control

  • Insight
    • Reporting: The Zetadocs Expenses Reporting Template makes it easy for you to visualize your travel and expenses spend and spot trends using PowerBI

    • Spend management: Use the reporting feed with Microsoft Excel to help you slice and dice your expense data to control spend and improve budgeting

What should you do next?

Watch this short video for an overview of the Express version of Zetadocs Expenses.

For more detailed information about Zetadocs Express or to request either the expense management or document management version, click here.

Alternatively, you can speak to your Dynamics partner about your requirements.

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