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Zetadocs AP Automation - ready to go on Business Central

Zetadocs AP Automation - ready to go on Business Central

Document OCR & automated order matching

David Cole

Accounts Payable (AP) automation – that digitizes and automates many of the tasks in a typical supplier invoice process – is a game changer for finance teams, enabling them to save a significant amount of time to spend on the things that matter most to their business.

As every finance team will know, the manual processing of invoices is repetitive, prone to error and time-consuming. The capture of invoice data, the matching of invoices to related purchase orders and receipts plus the secure archiving of original documents, all require a lot of time and careful attention when done manually.  

Document OCR (optical character recognition) is of course an essential part of automating AP processes, to enable the rapid capture of invoice data. However, for many busy finance teams, implementing a document OCR solution is easier said than done. This is because the effort required up-front tends to be significant to “teach” the solution how to recognize document data by creating a separate template for every vendor.

A document OCR solution that is ready to go is the answer for many finance teams, to enable them to quickly realize the benefits of AP automation.

Document OCR and automated order matching

Zetadocs Capture includes a new AP automation solution that is designed for and ready to go on Business Central. Its key features include:​

  • Document OCR that is ready to use straight away. Zetadocs leverages Microsoft Azure Applied AI Services, that combines powerful OCR capabilities with deep learning models, to analyze and extract key fields and line items from supplier invoices – with no rules or templates to set up and maintain for each vendor. Zetadocs displays a preview of the information it captures side-by-side with the original document and then creates a new purchase invoice or credit memo in Business Central – with the header and line information entered automatically.

You can read more about accelerating AP processes with Zetadocs automated data entry in this previous blog post.

  • Automated order matching to simplify the processing of PO-based invoices. Zetadocs automatically matches invoice lines to order lines, and then updates the purchase invoice in Business Central with the matched purchase order number for reference. There are options available for Zetadocs to automatically receipt any line items that haven’t been received already and to post invoices once they are fully matched – both of these options are available to set on a per-vendor basis if needed.

If the purchase order number is not shown on the purchase invoice or there are multiple invoices/shipments against a purchase order, Zetadocs makes it easy for finance teams to either partially or fully match invoice lines to related order lines, with smart filtering on the order matching screen.

  • Automated filing of original supplier documents in a secure and centralized archive using Microsoft 365. These documents are made easily accessible via a FactBox shown on the relevant Business Central purchase invoice or purchase credit memo page.

Faster than typing with less manual administration

Zetadocs Capture accelerates AP processes by reducing the manual administrative effort that is needed and offers a very quick return on investment. Its key benefits include:  

  • It is ready to go for Business Central. Finance teams can immediately benefit from the time savings Zetadocs brings without having to spend time creating vendor templates for the document OCR capability.  
  • Faster than typing since Zetadocs creates purchase documents in Business Central with the header and line information populated automatically. It is quick and easy to make any changes needed on the Zetadocs preview screen.
  • Fewer approvals are needed, enabling finance teams to pay invoices more quickly. Zetadocs matches purchase invoice lines to the related purchase order lines and given that the purchase order will typically have been approved already, there is no need for a second approval round on the purchase invoice.
  • Full document visibility with original vendor documents always stored centrally and securely for easy on-screen retrieval via Business Central or Microsoft 365.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to know more about Zetadocs AP automation, please browse our website or Microsoft AppSource for more information.

There is also a video demonstration of the AP automation solution available below:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or speak to your Dynamics partner if you would like to know more and discuss your requirements further.

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