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Why now is a good time to look at improving operating efficiency

Why now is a good time to look at improving operating efficiency

Rachel King

As much of the world starts to ease after lockdown, the next couple of months provide many businesses with a useful window ahead of the next phase - of opening up the economy.

Of course, many businesses have been severely and negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and our thoughts are with those for whom orders and cashflow have slowed or dried up. 

For those businesses whose employees have been working from home and that have been able to maintain some form of regular work pattern, the coming months are still far from certain.

Yet, opportunities can present themselves even in the most trying times. In this article, we explore why now might be the time to review some of your operational processes before the lockdown eases further.

Ask the question: are we recovery ready?

With some children returning to school and many retailers now free to open their stores, there are signs that businesses should start getting ready to return.

Quite apart from the issues of reconfiguring workspaces for social distancing and new workplace hygiene rules, businesses will need to be sure they can be as efficient as possible.

If we are – as seems likely – facing a recession, or at least a downturn, the need for lean, agile and competitive business processes will be greater than ever.

So, which processes can be improved?

In normal or booming economic conditions, many organizations find themselves too busy to step back and take a more distanced, objective view of their operations.

Accounts Managers and other operational staff are simply too caught up in the busy day-to-day work.

This is particularly true of office and accounting functions such as:

  • Sales order processing
  • Purchase order processing
  • Supplier invoice processing
  • Invoice approvals
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Collections management.

These are all time-consuming processes that are often seen as difficult, if not impossible, to put on hold while improvements are made. 

Often, it’s just a matter of not being able to take the time to do it – other priorities always seem to get in the way.

So now, while we’re waiting for normal business operations to resume, it’s worth taking a look at how we can improve process efficiency. Doing so may prove to be important in developing a stronger competitive edge for when we really need it.

The processes we’re talking about here fall under the heading of document management. Refining or even automating many of the tasks in document management can lead to incredible improvements in efficiency, including time savings and cost reduction.

Benefits of improving your document management processes

The days when paper-based processes in business were the norm are behind us now. Cloud technologies have enabled much more flexible, lean and efficient working practices – not least the ability to work remotely and collaborate securely across workplaces.

As a result, document management processes are becoming faster and more efficient. Other benefits include:

  • Speedier resolution of queries and issues
  • Enhanced levels of customer service and satisfaction 
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Fraud reduction
  • Improved employee morale
  • Faster payments
  • Centralized financial reporting meaning greater visibility
  • Greater scalability

There is simply no reason not to invest in a document management solution like Zetadocs. Simply soldiering on with long-winded, paper-intensive manual systems is not a good option. Kick-off your move today towards seamless document management at

How do we improve key accounts and operational processes?

Equisys provides software solutions that transform key operational document management processes, reducing time overheads, removing manual effort and in turn speeding up and smoothing operations including customer service. 

The key measures are:

  • Ditching business paperwork and documents
  • Storing documents electronically for online access via a cloud-based document management solution 
  • Providing anytime, anywhere access to the cloud-based document management solution for workers so they can work productively from home or other remote locations
  • Providing employees with the means to record and submit paperless expense claims – and to receive reimbursement fast

Spend the time now switching and reap efficiency benefits later

We have written before about the inefficiency and needless expense incurred by businesses that use paper documents in preference to moving over to a cloud-based, digital document management solution.

Right now, any systems and processes that rely on paper documents are severely hampered by the need for printing, storing, retrieving and posting physical documents – all of which are difficult in lockdown. 

Plan for your future

Organizations that have already invested in an electronic, cloud-based document management system will have seen a huge business continuity benefit during this COVID-19 crisis.

But it’s not too late for those without such a system to plan for comprehensive document management process improvements post-lockdown, by investing in a system like Zetadocs

Explore the benefits that Zetadocs can bring to your organization by automating your document processes.

Zetadocs has the capability to revolutionize your document management, ending the frustrations of being unable to retrieve customer and supplier emails, files, invoices, and reports. 

Your employees can work remotely on these processes instead of having to rely on paper documents in a central location. Customer service operations can continue, invoices can be raised and purchase orders sent quicker, more easily and more efficiently. 

Next steps

Paperless working processes enabled by cloud-based document management systems have proven to be a saving grace for many businesses that have had to resort to complete remote working during the COVID-19 crisis.

The document management capabilities of Zetadocs can offer your business the kind of benefits for the future where documents are stored electronically for easy and fast retrieval, enabling employees across the organization to collaborate productively and securely. 

Contact Equisys today to start your journey to improved document efficiency.

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