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What’s new in Zetadocs Expenses October 2017 update

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Gareth Williams

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the October 2017 release of the Zetadocs Expenses service.

Zetadocs Expenses

Release date and version


September 28, 2017 (version 3.3.17262)

Connector for NAV

September 28, 2017 (version 3.3.17250)

Apple (iOS) app

September 28, 2017 (version 3.3.17262)

Android app

September 28, 2017 (version 3.3.17262)


Changes in this update

Feature enhancements

Simplified expense creation

We have improved the process of creating new expenses, reducing the number of keyclicks needed and adding alternative ways of working.  These changes make it quicker and simpler to create expenses, and reduce the likelihood of errors due to repetitive steps being missed.

The main changes are:

  • We have added a New Expense button to the expense view or edit screen.  This creates a copy of the expense, making it quicker to enter batches of expenses for a trip or enter repeat expenses.
  • The client app now sets field values automatically when you create a new expense, copying the values from the last expense which you created or edited.
  • Required fields which include only one option are selected automatically when creating a new expense.
  • We have added a New Expense button to the screen for adding expenses to an Expense Report.  This makes adding missing expenses quicker and more intuitive, removing the need to exit from the report edit screen to do this.

Custom property values for new expenses

For each custom property, you can now configure whether new expenses should use the property value from a previous expense or use a fixed default value.  The first option is suitable for fields like “Department” which are likely to be the same for all expenses created by a submitter.  The second option is designed for fields like “Recharge to Customer”, where requiring the submitter to choose the option on each expense gives added protection.

Any existing custom properties will be configured to use a fixed default value.  We recommend you change the settings of any existing custom properties to use the new behavior (“copy from previous expense”) to improve usability for expense submitter, unless you specifically need the additional protection.

Any new custom properties which you create will use the new behavior by default.

Controlling sales tax reclaim for each expense type

The finance team can now control sales tax reclaim behavior for each expense type, specifying which sales tax rate to use and whether sales tax can be reclaimed.  This prevents users from entering expenses incorrectly, and reduces the effort needed by the finance team to correct expenses which do not comply with the tax regulations.

These settings are configured using the Expense Types screen in the admin site.

Exporting to multiple NAV companies

You can now export to multiple NAV companies from a single Zetadocs Expenses account.  This is configured by adding extra companies using the admin site and the Zetadocs Connector Configuration Program.

On systems which have two or more companies configured, the client app adds a field to the expense form to specify which company the expense is for.  Expense reports can include expenses from different companies minimizing any changes required to the expense submission and approval processes.

For this initial release the GL accounts and other export settings must be the same for each company, so it is intended for use by businesses using a common chart of accounts.  This will be extended in future releases – please contact Equisys for further details.

Viewing next expense or report

When you view an expense from an expense report or similar list, you can now move through the list by clicking Next and Previous options.  This makes it quicker for approvers and finance processors to check a list of expenses, removing the need to return to the list between each record.

This feature is enabled on desktop browsers where the browser window is above a minimum width.

Improved export descriptions

We have improved the descriptions on records which we export to NAV.  Most descriptions now include the short ID for the expense or expense report (with prefix “ZD” – eg “ZD12345”) and either the user ID (for reimbursable expenses) or the payment method ID (for company credit card payments).

Each expense type has an export description field, and this is now included in the exported records instead of the description which the submitter entered, which gives the finance team more control on the records which are created in NAV.

The description format is a system configuration setting, so the finance administrator can choose whether to switch to the new format.  Leaving the setting as FORMAT1 continues with previous behavior.  Selecting FORMAT2 enables the new format.  Selecting AUTOMATIC uses the new format, and will automatically apply any future improvements.

This change requires the Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV and associated NAV codeunits to be updated for sites using this option to integrate with NAV.

Swipe gesture for core screens

You can now switch between the core screens in the client (Home, Expenses, Reports etc) by swiping left and right, on mobile touchscreen devices.

Preview features

The following enhancements are enabled on selected accounts only.  This allows channel partners and other users to understand the feature and to give feedback on its use before general release.  Please contact Equisys if you wish to use any of these preview features.

Simplify expense approval

We have improved the screens used for approving reports.  Clicking on an approval task now displays a new Approve Report screen, which shows details of the report and expenses.  This simplifies the approval process, and makes the process more intuitive for new users.

Quality and performance improvements

This update includes a high number of quality and performance improvements, including the following changes.

Reports resubmitted for approval could include additional expenses

Previously if a submitter removed expenses from a rejected expense report then resubmitted it for approval, the approver would still see the removed expenses attached to the report in some circumstances.  This has now been corrected.

Additional upgrade steps

Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV

This release is compatible with older versions of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector and NAV codeunits.

Some features in this release require the Zetadocs Expenses Connector and NAV codeunits to be upgraded.  This is noted against each feature above.  Please contact Equisys for further information.

Mobile apps

Installed mobile apps will be updated automatically on mobile devices where this is enabled.

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