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What’s new in Zetadocs Expenses August 2017 update

Effective dates for mileage and fuel rates

Gareth Williams

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the August 2017 release of the Zetadocs Expenses service.

Zetadocs Expenses

Release date and version


August 17, 2017

Connector for NAV

August 17, 2017

Apple (iOS) app

August 17, 2017

Android app

August 17, 2017


Changes in this update

Feature enhancements

Improved support for foreign currency credit card payments

We have improved the process for importing and matching credit card payments made in a currency other than the account home currency. 

The system now imports the original (foreign) currency amount for card types which include this information in the CSV transaction file, and displays this on the Payment Card Report matching screen.  The matching screen also shows the foreign currency amount for each expense to simplify the matching process.

Variable column CSV transaction files

We have improved how we import transaction files which include column headers, using the header name to find the columns we use rather than the column position.  This makes it simpler to setup the system with card providers such as Barclaycard which allow you to choose which columns you wish to export, and makes the system more robust in everyday use.

Updating mileage and fuel rates

The finance administrator can now enter additional mileage and fuel rates for a vehicle type, setting an effective date for each rate entry to specify when it applies.  When a user creates a mileage expense, the system automatically picks the correct rate for the date of that expense.

This makes it easier for the finance team to handle rate changes, removing the need to create duplicate vehicle types or to manage when users enter their mileage expenses.

Export personal mileage reclaim as a separate line

When the company reclaims the cost of fuel for personal mileage from the user, the reclaimable amount is exported to NAV as part of the vehicle report.  Previously this was exported as a single adjustment line, including any sales tax adjustment amount.  We have now changed the export so that the personal mileage reclaim amount is exported as a separate line so it is clearer and easier to reconcile to the vehicle report totals.

Preview features

The following enhancements are enabled on selected accounts only.  This allows channel partners and other users to understand the feature and to give feedback on its use before general release.  Please contact Equisys if you wish to use any of these preview features.

Simplify expense creation

We have made several improvements to the expense creation screens in the client app.  These changes make it quicker and simpler for the submitter to create expenses, and reduce the likelihood of errors due to repetitive steps being missed..

The changes are:

  • Custom property values and other details on a new expense are initialized to the values from the previous expense
  • Required fields which include only one option are selected automatically when creating a new expense
  • You can select the vendor from a list of vendors specified on your other expenses
  • The expense type and description are set to the values from the last expense you created or edited for the same vendor.
  • You can create a new expense and add it to a report in a single action, using the New Expense button from the report view screen.

Exporting to multiple NAV companies

We have added initial support for multiple companies in one account.  In this initial release you can configure multiple companies in the admin site, and specify the company for each expense.  The system will then export the expenses for each company separately, using a common list of expense types and other export codes.

This will support use by companies which use the same chart of accounts and vendor numbers in each company, and requires the finance administrator to add any intercompany transfer entries manually.

Quality and performance improvements

This update includes a high number of quality and performance improvements, including the following changes.

Failure to export reports with larger numbers of expenses

We have corrected a fault in the Zetadocs Connector which caused export of some reports to fail.  This affected reports which included larger numbers of expenses (typically more than 30 expenses, depending on system configuration and expense detail).

This change requires the Zetadocs Connector to be updated on the NAV server computer.  The associated codeunits do not need to be updated to apply this fix, though we recommend updating the codeunits if possible for consistency.

Payment line for Barclaycard transaction import

The system now recognizes the payment line in a Barclaycard transaction import file, and automatically omits this from the import transaction list.

Vehicle fuel receipts setting

We have corrected an issue in the previous release which required the Use Fuel Receipts setting on the Vehicle Type screen to be enabled if the Reclaim Sales Tax setting was enabled.  These settings are now independent.

Additional upgrade steps

Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV

This release is compatible with older versions of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector and NAV codeunits.

Some features in this release require the Zetadocs Expenses Connector and NAV codeunits to be upgraded.  This is noted against each feature above.  Please contact Equisys for further information.

Mobile apps

Installed mobile apps will be updated automatically on mobile devices where this is enabled.

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