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What’s new in Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture September 2023 update

Support VAT exempt companies and enhanced learning

Greg Cole

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the September 2023 update of the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central.

Release date, version and availability 

September 18, 2023 (version 3.0.23256) available for download for on-premises Business Central systems and on Microsoft AppSource for Business Central Online systems, from the release date.

Changes in this update 

Feature enhancements

Zetadocs Capture’s AP Automation solution has been updated this release with the following improvements.

Support for entering tax inclusive amounts

The Zetadocs Capture SDK has been updated to include programmatic access to the total tax amount when it is recognized on the vendor invoice.

Using this new tax field, it is now possible to override each line item net amount when it is entered into Business Central, with a proportional amount of the total tax added to the line item net amount. This is useful for VAT exempt companies that enter gross line item amounts into Business Central as they are unable to recover any VAT.

An example of the code to achieve this override is included in the SDK guide.

Enhanced line calculation learning

Supplier invoices may not always include all the typical line-item fields e.g. unit cost, which could result in incorrect line calculations.

In these cases, Zetadocs will now note the manual corrections taken to resolve these calculation errors, and remember them when processing the next invoices from the supplier, saving time by removing the need for further manual corrections.

Tax validation warnings

Zetadocs will now warn when the total tax recognized on the invoice differs from the tax value calculated in Business Central as a result of the tax posting groups set on the Preview screen.

Improved validation warnings when subtotal is not recognised

Previously, Zetadocs would only warn when the subtotal had been recognized as part of the invoice processing. Zetadocs will now consistently warn when the subtotal is out by the calculated invoice lines e.g. The subtotal 1,000.50 has been calculated from the lines and does not match the recognized value of 0.00. Please check the line items.

Show FactBox to licensed users only

It is now possible to customize Zetadocs to only show the Documents FactBox to licensed users only. By default, the Zetadocs Documents FactBox is visible to all Business Central users so that they can view all documents added by licensed users.

In some scenarios, customers would rather restrict access to these documents by making the FactBox only visible to those Business Central users that can also capture these documents.

An example of how to perform this system wide customization is available in the SDK guide.

Quality and performance improvements 

This update includes a number of quality and performance improvements, including the following:

Posted purchase invoice is created after order matching a credit memo

Resolved an AP automation issue, where setting Credit Memo as the Document Type on the Preview screen, and then performing order matching on the Matching screen, would create a posted purchase invoice instead of a credit memo.

Line items with a comma in the description are not remembered

Zetadocs AP automation learning will now correctly remember vendor lines items that contain commas in the description to save users time not having to set the same item to a GL account, item or fixed asset each time.

Rounding calculations could cause false notification warnings

Resolved an AP automation issue, where subtotal rounding differences on the Preview screen caused the subtotal warning to be shown incorrectly e.g. The subtotal 1,000.50 has been calculated from the lines and does not match the recognized value of 1,000.50. Please check the line items.

Quantity must not be less than quantity received error

Zetadocs will now correctly auto match partially matched lines on the AP automation Matching screen that could result in the above quantity receive error. This issue could also result in erroneous over receipting messages like “Over-Receipt Code must have a value in Purchase Line”.

Document Queue Automation processes all non-automated queues

Resolved an issue with Zetadocs Capture when at least one document queue is enabled for process automation. Triggering that queue would attempt to process all queues, including those not setup for process automation, resulting in “File Not Found” failures.

Searching Zetadocs rules returns no results

Zetadocs will now search the customer name or vendor name when searching for a corresponding customer/vendor rule.

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