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What’s new in Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture February 2024 update

What’s new in Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture February 2024 update

Faster document queues

Greg Cole

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the February 2024 update of the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central.

Release date, version and availability 

February 28, 2024 (version 3.0.24030) available for download for on-premises Business Central systems and on Microsoft AppSource for Business Central Online systems from the release date.

Changes in this update 

Feature enhancements

Zetadocs Capture has been updated this release with the following improvement.

Faster Document Queues

Zetadocs Document Queues have been optimised in this release to improve the performance of most Document Queue actions. These optimisations reduce the number of automatic Microsoft 365 SharePoint document refreshes as well as improve several of the Zetadocs Cloud Service queries that are responsible for processing documents.

Customers must update to this latest extension for Business Central to benefit from these performance enhancements. For those customers using “Show Delete Confirmation” before deleting a file from the Document Queues, this prompt will now be shown before the Business Central record is created rather than after the newly created record is closed.

Quality and performance improvements 

This update includes a number of quality and performance improvements, including the following:

Files of this type are not permitted warnings

Suppressed pop-up warnings during the processing of non-PDF files by automatically removing these files during the preprocessing of AP enabled Zetadocs Document Queues.

Some line-item edits are not remembered

The Zetadocs AP automation Preview screen line-item edit learning has been improved so that more quantity and unit price cases are catered for when these line edits are compared to the recognised line subtotal.

Upgrade fails when there are Zetadocs rules for a deleted contact

Resolved deployment errors by tidying up rules for Customers and Vendors that no longer exist e.g: "Deployment failed. Errors: App ID : <GUID> Message : { Equisys for tenant <name> and company <name> failed to upgrade extension Zetadocs - AP automation and bulk emailing from version <old_version> to <new_version> due to the following error: The <Customer/Vendor> Number field of the Zetadocs <customer/vendor> rule table contains a value (<customer/vendor_ID>) that is not found in the related table (<Customer/Vendor>)}”.

Empty purchase records created

Zetadocs AP automation may create zero value purchase records on some systems. This can occur when customers share the same Business Central number series for unposted and posted purchase invoices, and do not allow gaps in numbers. To calculate the tax validation warning, Zetadocs creates a preview purchase invoice, which it then deletes, creating a gap in the number series. To opt out of this behaviour, follow the instructions in this article.

SharePoint columns left blank when using custom folders

Resolved an issue introduced in an earlier cloud service update whereby metadata would not be added to documents archived with the Zetadocs Capture Document Queues. This could happen when using a custom extension (PTE) to set the archive folder in SharePoint. This issue was corrected on February 19, 2024, with a cloud service update.

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