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Recap: What happened in 2022?

Recap: What happened in 2022?

And a look ahead to 2023

Chelsea Andersson

2022 was an exciting year for us at Equisys.

Some significant features were added to our products, while a new solution to help Dynamics 365 Business Central customers manage their accounts payable processes was introduced.

2022 felt like a return to pre-Covid times when it comes to events, after a couple of years where the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in important industry events being either cancelled or run on a smaller scale.

In this blog post, we reflect on our most significant events that happened last year and look ahead to 2023.

1. AP Automation

Last year saw the launch of our new Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution. This digitizes and automates many of the tasks in processing supplier invoices.

Our AP automation solution is ready to go as it requires no rules or templates to be set up and uses intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to automatically capture critical data from supplier invoices. Customers save even more time by having purchase invoices created in Business Central and automatically matched to purchase orders and receipts.

Some further information on the solution’s key features:

Document OCR

Zetadocs leverages Microsoft Azure Applied AI services, combining powerful OCR capabilities and deep learning models to analyze and extract key fields and items from supplier invoices. No rules or templates need to be set up or maintained for each vendor.

Automated order matching

This simplifies the processing of order-based invoices. Zetadocs automatically matches billing lines to order lines and updates the purchase invoice in Business Central with the matching order number as a reference.

Auto-file original supplier documents

File original vendor documents in a secure, centralized repository with Microsoft SharePoint. These documents can be easily accessed from the Zetadocs FactBox displayed on the relevant Business Central page to access the purchase invoice or purchase credit memo.

For further information about our AP automation solution, click here.

2. Receipt OCR

We also launched the receipt OCR feature for our Zetadocs Expenses solution. This feature allows customers to quickly and automatically retrieve receipt information, enabling faster and more accurate expense submission. This information is automatically extracted into new expense claims, ready to be submitted for approval and reimbursement. 

Receipt OCR extracts data from expense receipts almost instantly by leveraging Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. This happens automatically after the employee takes a photo of the paper receipt or uploads a file containing the receipt using the Zetadocs Expenses web or phone app.

A new expense is automatically created and can be attached to expense reports very quickly and submitted for approval. Managers and finance teams can easily access receipts for approval or audit purposes as needed.

3. Directions

The Zetadocs team were delighted to return to Directions EMEA last year! The event took place in Hamburg, Germany on the 9th - 11th November 2022 and was the first time we’ve attended since 2019.

We were also a bronze sponsor of Directions North America, which took place in Orlando, Florida. Directions are the must-attend events for Microsoft Dynamics partners, providing attendees with unique access to the latest knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in the SME market.

Both events were a huge success, meeting new and old partners to have a chat about their plans for Business Central and how our AP automation solution and Zetadocs Expenses can benefit their customers.

You can view the video that we premiered at Directions NA here: 

4. Community Summit NA

We also sponsored Community Summit in Orlando, Florida on October 10-13th. Hosted by Dynamics Communities, the event is the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft business applications ecosystem.

The Zetadocs team were delighted to meet some of our wonderful customers to hear their feedback. We were also able to meet other independent software vendors, helping us to learn from others through a hands-on, user-to-user approach.

Looking ahead to 2023

Overall, 2022 was another successful year for Equisys, providing our customers and partners with our award-winning solutions.

Looking ahead, this year we will continue to release regular software updates providing the new features our customers request and to support the latest versions and configurations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Here are some of the features to look out for in 2023:

Daily Transactions

Import credit card transactions daily (via a secure FTP feed) for faster submission, authorization, and reconciliation of payment card spend. This new feature will support a wide range of banks, card types and regions.


We'll make the Zetadocs Expenses cloud service faster and more responsive with various improvements to optimize the user experience, especially on large systems.

We look forward to continuing to simplify your document management and expense management processes in the upcoming year. Here’s to 2023!

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