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NAV Partners: Complete Zetadocs Delivery implementations with version 9.1

NAV Partners: Complete Zetadocs Delivery implementations with version 9.1

Greg Cole

We are thrilled to announce the release of Zetadocs for NAV version 9.1. This exciting release brings with it new features to makes the lives of your customers' accounts receivables teams much easier. We are also introducing Zetadocs implementation services, so you now have another implementation option if you are busy and finding resources stretched.

Dynamics NAV partners can now offer the full range of our delivery based point solutions with a NAV server-only deployment. This means you no longer need to install the Zetadocs Client on individual users’ computers, or to mark-up the NAV reports to achieve point solutions like collections management with new stationery merge and dynamically attached document features.

Stationery merge

With our PDF manipulation libraries on the NAV Server, Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery can simply layer stationery PDF files behind the NAV Report being sent. The PDF stationery file is set using the Zetadocs Template as normal and is applied when sending either NAV RDLC Reports or NAV Word Layout Reports.

For companies that use letterhead paper with continuation sheets on printed stationery, Zetadocs supports this with multi-page PDF stationery files, by repeating the last page on all subsequent pages of the NAV report. It’s simple to setup by saving the companies’ letterhead and continuation file as a PDF file, then specifying this file in the Document Template Wizard.

Migrating from Zetadocs Client delivery

We’ve also simplified the migration to Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery for your existing Zetadocs customers by adding a Convert to PDF option that converts existing Zetadocs Client stationery to PDF files.

The Zetadocs-Send Customize CodeUnit, part of the Zetadocs Delivery SDK to override or enhance the default behaviour of Zetadocs, will continue to work without modification.  We’ve created a technote specifically for partners undertaking this journey for existing customers on NAV 2015 and later.

Dynamic commands

Zetadocs Delivery Essentials is highly configurable to service most customer needs. When customers’ business processes demand more, that’s when Zetadocs Delivery Plus is needed to provide this additional business value to these customers. Some examples of this are personalising the emails using additional information from NAV (Dynamic Fields) or attaching additional supporting files to the email based on information on the NAV report (Dynamic Attachments).

In this release, Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery has extended to support creating solutions like collections management with these dynamic commands, where copies of invoices are attached for each outstanding invoice on the NAV reminder, overlaying “copy” text onto each attached invoice and switching the Zetadocs template based on the reminder severity level, so the message becomes sterner as each level passes.


The added benefit of Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery is that this entire collections process can be automated for the accounts receivables team by scheduling the delivery of these reminders or customer statements if they use those, using NAV scheduled tasks.

Here is another example of personalisation that adds the salesperson’s name to the email signature dynamically, tags the archived NAV report with metadata using the salesperson’s initials so that the document can be filtered by that salesperson in SharePoint.


Future Proofing

Dynamics 365 for Financials will fundamentally change the way customers consume NAV in the future, with many partners in the midst of working out how this new platform will contribute to the ongoing success of their businesses.

ISVs like Equisys are no different in that regard and to provide our partners with reassurance we are on that same journey with them, Dynamics 365 Financials support for Zetadocs Delivery is firmly on our roadmap plans. If you are attending Directions EMEA or Directions North America this year, you are sure to find out how we are progressing those plans, or simply get in touch to find out more.


You also now have a new option to partner with us on the implementation. If you have the time and resources, it may be easier to do it yourself (DIY). Alternatively, we can now do it for you.

Zetadocs Delivery has just got so much easier to deploy on the latest versions of NAV and you can now take advantage of the new automation possibilities like scheduled send of NAV reports like reminders with all their supporting information. It’s all deployed on the NAV server, with no NAV report editing. We support all NAV Clients and require zero software to be installed on each machine.

We have created a set of our most popular Zetadocs solutions that we can implement for you remotely in a fixed number of days. These services are great for over-stretched partners or those who just want to free up time to focus on their core business.

We work with NAV partners in a variety of ways and offer you the flexibility to implement our solutions based on your team’s capacity and priorities. Sound interesting?

To find out more about Zetadocs for NAV v9.1, read the what’s new technote and learn all about the benefits of our Zetadocs implementation services. You can also learn more about what’s coming soon to Zetadocs for NAV.

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