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My top Zetadocs for NAV features

Greg Cole

Zetadocs LogoWorking with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV channel, I regularly discuss product requirements with both our Zetadocs partners and customers.  I’d like to share with you some of the most common features I see customers using on a day to day basis which you may not know about.

I’ve highlighted three key features below which our customers love:

1. Editing report Stationery and Attachments in any application

If a customer purchases Zetadocs Delivery Essentials or Plus they have the ability to apply stationary and attachments to any outbound report.  If you have experience of trying to do this within the NAV report designer you’ll know that you need a NAV Developer license as well as a lot of patience as it can be quite tricky to manipulate logos, watermarks etc.

With Zetadocs for NAV you can take the core report data from NAV then apply stationery and attachments which can be created easily using any application.  You can create a header containing your corporate logo, maybe a watermark across the back of the invoice, a footer containing company address details as well as attachments containing Terms and Conditions of the sale or special offers.  I generally create these in Microsoft Word then use the Zetadocs Client to simply apply them to the appropriate template so that it appears on the outbound emailed report.  The benefits of using templates in Zetadocs for NAV are:-

  • A consistent and professional look and feel to the outbound emailed document
  • Easy to make changes to logos, terms and conditions, bank details etc. without having to involve your NAV partner
  • Dynamic personalized HTML email built into each template.

2. Zetadocs Document queues for Order Processing

If your organization receives paper or faxed documents, they can be directed to a centralized queue in NAV so that order processors can quickly and easily create new NAV orders from the inbound documents. If you use Zetadocs Document Queues for Order Processing you could receive the following benefits:-

  • Less chance of losing paper/faxed orders. Faxed orders can automatically appear in a Zetadocs Queue within NAV whilst paper orders can be quickly scanned and processed efficiently
  • Receive orders into a head office but the orders can be processed remotely
  • Have multiple order processors working on a single queue of orders in NAV

3. Approving Invoices on the go whilst out of the office

We have many thousands of customers using Zetadocs Express, Essentials and Plus editions to capture documents into NAV whether they be electronic, faxed or paper documents. This is heavily used within Accounts Payable departments where large amounts of invoice documentation are being processed. Once a purchase invoice has been raised in NAV with the appropriate documentation attached, it normally needs to go through an approval process before it can be paid. There are a couple of main options here, you could choose to use the NAV record along with attached documentation then approve them within NAV, but this does have some limitations. Or you can extract the approval out of NAV.  If you use Zetadocs Payables Approval in this scenario you could receive the following benefits:-

  • Budget holders can approve invoices outside of NAV without having NAV license and thus doesn’t require an NAV license
  • Invoices can be assigned to an approver or chain of approvers using a simple to use flexible rules engine
  • Invoices can approved on the go on any device whether you are inside or outside the office

Hopefully that gives some ideas of the efficiency gains you can realize by using Zetadocs for NAV effectively within your organization.

If you'd like to know a little bit more about Zetadocs Delivery Essentials and its template and stationery capabilities, you can read 

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