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IT improves all….but don't we need to change everything?

Greg Cole

Making the decision to implement a new IT system to improve the efficiency of your business can be a daunting and painstaking process; it’s not just the costs that need to be considered but what is involved now and ongoing.  A to-do list can look something like this:

  • Source and research at least 3 suppliers
  • Have conversations and demos with said suppliers
  • Receive quotes from suppliers to review
  • Choose and go ahead with the most suitable one.

You might say that this sounds easy enough, and you’d be right. However, now you have to implement the solution without affecting too much of your day-to-day business. Now it gets tricky!! And it is now that the to-do list gets longer:

  • Scoping your business requirements
  • Check IT systems and how best to integrate
  • Configure the solution
  • Change work processes to fit solution
  • Train users on the IT solution
  • Change users ways of working to fit in with how the solution works and best practice
  • Use solution
  • Re-train users when they are not using the new solution to its maximum

The big problem for businesses when procuring an IT solution to meet a requirement starts with point 5. IT vendors tend to do a scoping workshop after the signing of a contract. Here, potential issues or requirements that had not been realized can arise which means that the original quote and time for implementation has drastically increased. It now appears that to make this solution work, the company will now have to change its processes to fit in with the solution….and it is here that lies the issues with point 8 and beyond. Some people naturally reject change, especially if it is change for change sake (or a new systems’ sake, not because it will actually make your lives easier and better)

Changing how people work will have a huge impact on your business. Some will embrace the change, some will not. But if you have people using the solution in different ways, it can cause huge pressures within the company. All of a sudden, it looks like you shouldn’t have moved to an IT solution.


At Timemaster we have listened to these issues directors have had when implementing IT. Taking on board these comments, we have come up with a master plan. “How about completing the business consultation and scoping before a contract is signed”.

Timemaster now complete a full review of your processes and requirements and present them back to you. This gives two advantages which are huge for your business:

  • We can give you a definitive quote of cost and time for implementation
  • We customize the solution around your processes

We ensure that our solution does not impede on your business by changing all the processes that work for you and your business. Because the solution is so flexible and configurable, we have the ability to fit the solution into your business, only serving to make you more efficient.

Choosing an IT solution should not be a major task, make sure you choose a solution where it will make you more efficient without change purely for change’s sake.

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