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Inject life into those pre-pandemic projects with fixed-price implementation services for Zetadocs Expenses

Inject life into those pre-pandemic projects with fixed-price implementation services for Zetadocs Expenses

Transform your expenses management process ahead of returning to the office & busier times.

David Cole

We have seen many companies accelerate their digital transformation plans during the pandemic, particularly where there was a need to enhance their customers’ online experience or enable their staff to work remotely.

However, with much of the focus on adapting to new ways of doing business and getting through these challenging times, the brakes may well have been applied on other projects to digitize and automate internal processes – such as expenses management.

Inject life into those pre-pandemic projects

The recent news that covid-19 vaccines may be coming soon will be giving many of us hope that a return to more normal ways of working is now on the horizon. With a likely return to the office next year and perhaps busier times to come, now may be a very good time to inject some life into one or two of those pre-pandemic projects you had and grab some quick-wins!

Implementing a new expenses management solution can be seen as a challenging hurdle, not least because it will typically need to be adopted company-wide and integrate with an existing finance system. Many of us will know the pain that can arise from an implementation project that overruns and/or fails to deliver the expected outcome – the added costs, business disruption and difficulties managing stakeholders’ expectations.

A fixed-price implementation package allays many of the concerns that you may have, by de-risking the project and enabling your business to rapidly reap the benefits offered by the solution.

Implement Zetadocs Expenses quickly - at a fixed price

Fixed-price implementation packages are now available for each of the Zetadocs Expenses editions (Express, Essentials and Plus). By choosing an implementation package, you can ensure your Zetadocs Expenses system is setup quickly and correctly – including the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The packaged implementation services are defined by a Statement of Work (SoW) that covers all the key project stages that you would expect, from initial planning through to configuration, testing, training and go-live.

*Plus edition only.

With the number of travel & entertainment expenses much lower than normal right now, this is just the right time to transform your expenses management process.

Predictable Outcomes

Our implementations follow our proven methodology that includes piloting the solution with a limited number of users initially prior to a full go-live, giving you time to get comfortable with your new system and manage the change to your business. Thanks to the fixed scope of work in these packages, we can better predict the outcome and take out the risk of you having to pay for any implementation overruns.

Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We will work with you at each step of the project to help ensure you are delighted with our products and services. We do this by clearly explaining to you the scope of work ahead, managing your expectations during implementation and then securing your formal acceptance of the solution at the end. Only then will our product specialists formally handover to our customer support team, who will manage our ongoing relationship with you.

Professional Support

Solutions implemented correctly first time by product specialists should mean you have less need to contact support for help. The support plan that is included provides an insurance policy for your system, ensuring that it continues to provide maximum benefit to your business. Having experts on hand who can quickly troubleshoot any problems that may arise will save you precious time and help avoid delays seeking answers to any complex problems.

Grab some quick-wins!

You can find more detail about the implementation packages in the Zetadocs Expenses Implementation Services Datasheet. There is a tailored SoW for each edition of Zetadocs Expenses, designed to get you up and running quickly (i.e. Express = 1 day, Essentials = 2 days, Plus = 3 days).

If you would like to learn more about Zetadocs Expenses or why now is a great time to implement an expenses management system whilst travel and entertainment expenses are at an all-time low, then please don’t hesitate to contact us or speak to your Dynamics partner.

The Zetadocs Expenses implementation services are offered on Microsoft AppSource as Consultancy Services.

Zetadocs Expenses Express: 1-Day Implementation – Microsoft AppSource
Zetadocs Expenses Essentials: 2-Day Implementation – Microsoft AppSource
Zetadocs Expenses Plus: 3-Day Implementation – Microsoft AppSource

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