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Four ways to help expenses make sense

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Paper trails and time-consuming expense processes simply don’t cut it anymore. We can help, with four simple steps.

Employee travel and entertainment expenses cost the UK economy an estimated £8.2 billion per year. With such a large chunk of our company budget covering travel and entertainment expenses, why aren’t we turning pain into gain?

Why do travel and entertainment expenses keep mid-sized businesses awake at night? Three reasons:

  1. Processing expenses is a costly business
  2. Manual and paper-based processes are often inaccurate and time-consuming
  3. Business travellers are on the move – they can’t adhere to outdated expense systems.

If you are clinging to the past with traditional (paper-based) methods of capturing and processing expenses, consider a new way. More than ever, mid-sized businesses require transparency, better digital capabilities and robust systems which can be rolled out, ready for expansion.

How we could save you time and money

We understand the importance of managing finance and how time-consuming this can be, so we’ve created Zetadocs Expenses for mid-sized businesses, a highly scalable cloud-based expenses management tool that integrates seamlessly with Dynamics NAV to help you reduce the expense of expenses. It’s smart, saving you time and money every day.

We know you need efficiency and reliability, that’s why it’s designed with simplicity in mind – it’s instantly accessible via our mobile app or the web.

Zetadocs ExpensesZetadocs Expenses offers you a paperless streamlined expense claim approval process. It eases the pain of processing for the finance team, while providing new insights into expenditure to help spot cost-saving opportunities. Business expenses can be controlled according to company policies and, in the future, against budgets. Companies can ensure smooth and full recovery of VAT. The service delivers time savings at every stage of expense processing.

How it works – four simple steps

  1. Capture

Use Zetadocs Expenses our mobile app or any browser, on any device. Simply snap a photo of your receipt. No wireless signal? No problem. Enter offline and it will sync later automatically

  1. Submit

Collect your expenses together in moments and submit as a claim for approval

  1. Approve

Zetadocs Expenses checks expense limits so you don't have to. Managers are notified automatically to approve expense claims. The finance team makes a final check before transferring approved claims to the financial system

  1. Reimburse

Effortless integration with Dynamics NAV, Zetadocs Expenses cuts down administration time, allowing you to reimburse staff easily and meticulously.

Don’t let traditional processes get in the way of productivity anymore. Find out more about Zetadocs Expenses, helping you expense in an intelligent, secure and reliable way.

For more detail and to see the system in action, attend our webinar on Thursday 10 March at 14.30 by registering here:

Or contact our sales team for more information.

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