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Fax machines have been relied upon and trusted for some time with electronic faxing helping many companies to become either completely paperless or less paper-dependent.  However we have all been in the position where we have to send an important physical paper document by fax.  Perhaps it is a financial document, a signed credit agreement or confidential patient record that can only be sent and received by fax for compliance, regulatory or legal reasons.

The question is - what are the faxing options to get it reliably to your destination and how do you know it has actually been received? The traditional method would be to feed it into a fax machine and hope it gets through successfully.  But without a delivery receipt from the machine, you’ll forgo any record of when the fax was sent and if it failed due to errors at the receiver’s location.

Hardly ideal, efficient or good practice – particularly if you’re sending the fax because of those all-important compliance, regulatory or legal reasons!

Box of NewThe good news is that thanks to newly released technology from Zetafax, in conjunction with our MFD partners Kyocera, there is a better way.

How does it all work?  Very simply: you just login or swipe at your MFD and select “SmartFax” from the panel on your MFD, enter the fax number or select from the address book, send and then walk away.

What just happened? Your physical fax has been turned into electronic format, it has been both transmitted and archived via the Zetafax electronic fax server and you have received an email back to your inbox to confirm successful (or otherwise) receipt of your fax and you have taken the uncertainty out of sending critical faxes.

So how does this make a real, commercial difference to business?  Well, for example, one of our customers in motor finance was losing business to competitors as signed applications for credit could not be turned around promptly enough by using manual fax machines. Nor could such archaic technology be relied upon to be produce legible faxes or guarantee receipt.

The remedy? Electronic fax ensured this customer could eradicate their employees’ frustration with manual procedures and be the first to respond to any new prospect with an offer of credit.  It meant more (legible) signatures on the dotted line and consequently more business.

You can see it all in action by watching our brand new video or visiting the Zetafax Device Edition page on our website.

For more information please contact your local KYOCERA dealer.

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