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Delivering more choice with Zetadocs Express

Greg Cole

Two years ago we released the first version of Zetadocs Express, providing Microsoft Dynamics customers with the additional value of integrated document management through its connection to Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint Online.

Two years and many thousands of downloads later, one of the regular comments we hear from customers is, “Zetadocs Express sounds great, but I’m not ready to deploy SharePoint or to move to the cloud with Office 365 yet!”

So we are announcing a new version of Zetadocs Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that gives customers the choice of archiving documents to network folders on their file servers as an alternative to SharePoint.









Connects people to documents

For those that don’t know, with Zetadocs Express, you can capture any document and archive it in NAV alongside the corresponding record. These documents are then stored permanently in a document archive and displayed in the Document FactBox on the relevant NAV page. Business users without NAV can connect with these documents by accessing the document archive directly to view them. With our new release, this document archive supports your choice of SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server or network folders on your file server.

Works with where you store files today

By providing support for network folder archives, customers have greater flexibility and choice, which in turn helps to ensure that Zetadocs is the best solution for their business both now and in the future. Customers can enable archiving of documents using network folders initially and then switch to using SharePoint later if they want to harness the powerful collaboration features such as search and document library filtered views.

Supports your IT infrastructure

In addition to more archive choices, there’s also more platform choice. We aim to support as many IT infrastructures as possible, so the chances are that whatever your setup, Zetadocs Express probably already works with what you have. As part of this commitment we've now widened support to include Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

NAV 2013 R2 ready

And last, but most certainly not least, NAV 2013 R2 is out and is being deployed by many partners. So this update to Zetadocs Express supports the NAV 2013 R2 Windows client, enabling deployments today, and a future update will add support for the Web client and multi-tenant deployments on Windows Azure, as we previewed at Directions.

Part of the family 

Zetadocs Express is our foundation edition and provides essential document management for NAV users. Why not take a look at the other Zetadocs family members and use the info pop-ups to help you decide if one of the other Zetadocs editions can help you further streamline a business process.

Zetadocs Express is available at no additional cost to NAV 2013 & NAV 2009 customers on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan. It is available in 21 countries with local language and database support for Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India (English), Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand,  Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

You can download the new version on CustomerSource and PartnerSource.

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