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Announcing the release of Zetadocs for NAV version 8

Greg Cole

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We’ve just released version 8 of Zetadocs for NAV which in itself is great news, but what makes this version particularly exciting is the fact that it can be deployed on the NAV server only for all modern versions of Dynamics NAV.

You may be thinking, what makes a server only implementation so exciting? Well here’s why we think that’s important and why you should be considering deploying it:

Easier to implement

It may seem obvious, but a server only deployment option significantly simplifies a Zetadocs implementation for partners as no software is required to be installed on each client PC. Instead, all software is installed centrally on the Dynamics NAV server. As there are now essentially less moving parts, it naturally lowers the risks associated with typical client/server implementations.

Also for your Zetadocs Delivery customers, there is no need to modify the NAV Reports to be used with Zetadocs Delivery as we no longer use a printer driver. This part of the implementation is probably the greatest time saver for partners given you no longer need specialist knowledge of any of the NAV report designers. This should mean that Zetadocs implementations can now be undertaken by any of your Dynamics NAV consultants, irrespective of their Zetadocs experience.

We’ve also enhanced our tooling so that our NAV page modification tool adds the new Zetadocs Delivery buttons to the Actions Ribbon on both list and card pages along with the Documents FactBox used to capture emails and files. That means you should not need to open the NAV Designer for any page modifications other than simply exporting and importing the modified pages.

Cheaper to support

Because there is no software installed on each client, version 8 naturally lends itself to simpler troubleshooting. There are no client components to upgrade or patch. There are no logs to gather for support on each client either. All logging is enabled on the NAV server which is normally easier for partners to access remotely.

This centralization also means that a single Zetadocs Delivery Outbox is accessible from any page. The Zetadocs Outbox button reveals all users batch delivery jobs that are in-progress or that have failed either to send or to archive and the appropriate action to take.

Our intention is that all future updates and rollups allow the Zetadocs NAV Client - installed on the NAV Server, and the Zetadocs NAV Server Extensions to be updated independently of the Zetadocs NAV objects, in most cases by the NAV customer themselves as they won’t now need access to the NAV Designer.

Simpler follow-on sales

Some partners typically install Zetadocs Express as an initial document management pilot. As Zetadocs for NAV includes Zetadocs Express, this single code base makes it much simpler for partners to implement Zetadocs for NAV every time and just simply unlock the additional Zetadocs functionality required by changing the Zetadocs license.

Although Zetadocs for NAV has included Zetadocs Express for some time, the transformation into a server only architecture makes this simpler in-app unlock a reality. Not only does this reduce the time associated with a major upgrade into a simple configuration task, it also simplifies the implementation task for your NAV consultants by not always having to check what's been sold ahead of implementation.

Enhanced possibilities

A Zetadocs for NAV server only implementation for PDF email automation on Dynamics NAV 2015 onwards, offers customers flexible control over adding standard attachments like T&Cs or SLAs, the ability to consolidate multiple emails to the same recipient within a batch, and offers configurable delivery rules to set the FROM email address or add additional recipients per NAV record type.

Additionally, one of the key benefits of transforming Zetadocs for NAV so that it can run on the NAV server, is that Zetadocs Delivery Plus customers can now take advantage of the richer automation options using NAV Job Queues that run unattended on the NAV server.

Zetadocs Delivery Plus can now be programmed to automatically email customers with the details of their overdue account when a reminder level changes in NAV, or post and autosend invoices, or send all posted invoices at different points in the day, or even bulk-email statements to each customer that have an overdue balance at the end of each month.

It also means the Zetadocs Capture Plus customizable document queues that have been updated to run on the Dynamics NAV server can also take advantage of the automation offered by NAV Job Queues, opening up additional automation scenarios like the scheduled autofiling of documents with barcodes to existing NAV records or the ability to call this autolink function via a web service.

Get familiar

There are more improvements in this release that you can read about here. So why wait, download version 8 today and get familiar with its new server only features.

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