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Announcing the new series of Better Way Workshops

Announcing the new series of Better Way Workshops

Helping your customers save money

Graeme Farquhar

Equisys is always ready to assist our partners in showing their existing customers how they can save money and become more efficient in their finance processes.

That’s why throughout May, we are inviting partners to run “Better Way Workshops”.

Presented by a Zetadocs Specialist, the Better Way Workshops will offer your customers an opportunity to discuss their current paper-based processes, so that we can identify where specific improvements, cost savings and efficiency gains can be made.

These process improvements will be documented and presented after each Workshop in a detailed report that shows where the efficiencies and savings can be made.

How will the Better Way Workshops benefit your customers?

Rather than being a generic “one size fits all” approach, these Workshops are presented on a 1:1 basis by a Zetadocs Specialist who is experienced in identifying process improvements and cost savings that can be made by customers who have deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV and who still use paper-based finance processes.

Your Zetadocs Specialist has helped many other companies make similar improvements.

What improvements are customers likely to discover?

Previous Workshops have uncovered a wide range of finance process improvements that Zetadocs can bring for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, including:

  • Streamlining document delivery processes, improving efficiency.
  • Improving dispute resolution, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing debtor days and improving credit control.
  • Improving in document storage, reducing costs and increasing access.

The improvements identified in each Workshop will be documented for the customer in a customized report which highlights specific finance process efficiencies and cost savings that could be gained.

How do the Better Way Workshops work?

Offer your customers a Better Way Workshop and book a time with your Equisys Account Manager.

At the appointed time, your customer will be contacted by one of our Zetadocs Specialists. You may wish to be on the call to start with to make the introductions and will then have the option to stay for the duration of the Workshop if you wish.

Each Workshop takes about 45 minutes to complete.

What sort of finance processes can be reviewed during the Workshop?

Zetadocs helps organisations improve their finance processes by going paperless and there are many processes that could benefit. Previous Workshop attendees have benefited from a review of the following finance processes - though please feel free to tell us of any others your customers might want to go through:

  • Document delivery:
    • Type and quantity of documents currently being sent.
    • Current delivery methods, including packaging and postage.
    • Process for handling customer requests for duplicate documents.
  • Document capture:
    • Current method of receiving and storing incoming documents.
    • Workflows for processing of incoming documents.
    • Current links between Microsoft Dynamics and incoming documentation.
  • Document retrieval:
    • Current document storage methods.
    • Current document retrieval methods.
    • Document accessibility (who has access, by what means, etc.)
  • Business improvements:
    • Current debtor days.
    • Customer complaints or quality issues relating to financial documents.
    • External issues affecting financial document delivery/receipt (e.g. postal strikes, bad weather, etc.)
  • Expense Management:
    • Capturing and submitting expense receipts.
    • Reviewing and authorising expense claims.
    • Managing expense policy centrally.

Next steps

Contact your Zetadocs Account Manager to find out more about how to promote the Better Way Workshops. Equisys will be pleased to provide a range of marketing materials.

Contact your Account Manager now or email

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