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INFO: Enabling detailed logging within the Zetadocs Server (Document Converter)



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Server (Document Converter)


For any technical issues experienced with the Zetadocs Server related to the document converting feature, it may be necessary for the logs to be gathered with debug logging enabled. This will outline how to change the log level as well as how to gather the logs. 

More information

  1.  Check if the Zetadocs Document Converter Service is running and that the user you are signed in as has permission to stop/start this service.
  2.  Navigate to the install files for the Zetadocs Server and find the config.xml file - it will be something along the lines of C:\Program Files (x86)\Zetadocs Server\Document Converter
  3.  Next, open the config.xml with Notepad (this may need to be done as an administrator to ensure you can save the changes required) and find the following line related to the log level: <LogLevel>Error</LogLevel>
    1. Amend the value of 'Error' to 'Debug' and save the file, ensuring the location and name remain the same so you overwrite the existing config file.
  4. Once done, restart the Archive Service, recreate the issue and you will find the log file in the temp folder of the user running the Archive Service.

NOTE: Once the logs have been gathered, we advise amending the configuration file so the Log Level is returned back to "Warning" to prevent extensive logs from being generated on the server.


Last updated: 9th April 2024 (MT/NT) 

Keywords: Zetadocs Server, Document Converter, Dirmonitor

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