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Installing the Zetafax Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2003

Before the Zetafax Connector is installed run the Zetafax Exchange Connector - Schema Utility, this can be found on your install CD. This helps you to prepare your active directory.


Also ensure that you are logged into the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server PC using the administrator account or an account with administrator privileges that is also a member of the Schema Admin's group.


Using the Services control panel, ensure that the following Microsoft Exchange 2003 services are installed and running:

Microsoft Exchange Information Store

Microsoft Exchange MTA stacks

Microsoft Exchange System Attendant


The Zetafax Connector depends on these services and will not run unless they are all running.


If you have a previous version of the Zetafax connector on the Exchange 2003 server PC, you must uninstall it before installing the Zetafax connector for Exchange 2003. The Zetafax connector can be uninstalled using the Add/Remove programs control panel.


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