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Enabling the Email Gateway for Microsoft Exchange 2003

This section gives instructions for configuring the Email Gateway for Microsoft Exchange 2003.


Before you can configure the Zetafax Email Gateway for Microsoft Exchange 2003, the Zetafax Connector service must have been successfully installed and running as a service on the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server PC.



The Email Gateway is configured using Zetafax Configuration.

Choose the Server settings option from the left pane and click the Email Gateway icon.


The default setting is for the Email Gateway to be disabled.

Select the Enabled radio button to enable the Email Gateway.


Whenever you switch between Enabled and Disabled , all email addresses held by Zetafax are removed. These addresses can take some time to set up again, so take care not to disable the Email Gateway unless you really need to.


Adding an email system

The first step in configuring the Email Gateway is to add Microsoft Exchange 2003 as a service in the Email Gateway Services Configuration dialog. At this stage you must ensure that the Zetafax Server is not running.

Click the Add Email... button.


This option displays a dialog that allows you to choose the email systems that the gateway will serve.

Select Microsoft Exchange and click the Add button.


Other email systems can be selected from this dialog, provided you have configured them correctly, as outlined in the appropriate Email Gateway topics.

Click the OK button once you have installed all of the required email systems.


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