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Configuring the Email Gateway for Microsoft Exchange 2003



The Email Gateway Properties dialog allows you to configure various settings for the Microsoft Exchange 2003 gateway. However, the Zetafax Configuration program will not allow you to proceed with the configuration of the Email Gateway unless you complete all of the steps described below.



Click the Configure. button.


This displays a sequence of dialogs that allow you to configure the Zetafax Email Gateway for use with Microsoft Exchange 2003.


Leave Polling interval set to 1 second.


This is the interval that elapses between each occasion that the email submitter looks for new messages being forwarded by the connector.


Highlight Microsoft Exchange in the Email systems column and click the Setup button.


This displays the Microsoft Exchange Setup dialog.


Ensure the Connector address type name is set to FAX.

Verify that the Driver enabled box is checked.


Connector path

Before you validate the connection to the Zetafax Connector, ensure that Exchange Connector Path points to the installation directory where you installed the Zetafax Connector.


If the Zetafax Server is running on a separate PC to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, the pathname should be entered using the UNC notation (\\computer name\share name); for example, \\SERVER\ZFCONNECT. You must have full permission on this folder.


If you are running the Zetafax Server on the same computer as the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, then a local path can be entered using a drive letter; for example:




Click the Test connection button to validate the information you have entered for the Zetafax Connector.


If there are any problems with the connection, you should check that the path is valid and, if using the UNC notation, that a share has been created with the right permissions. If you are still experiencing problems with the connection, please refer to the support page on the Equisys web site.


If the connection to the Zetafax Connector is successful, click the OK button to exit the Microsoft Exchange Setup Service dialog.