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Microsoft Exchange 2003 Zetafax Connector - Installation



The Zetafax Connector for the Microsoft Exchange 2003 installation program should be run on the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server PC.

Log on to Windows using an account with administrator privileges and member of the Schema Admin's group.

Run the Zetafax Connector for Exchange 2003 setup program.

Follow the instructions on screen to install the Zetafax Connector on the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server PC. Click the Next button to begin installation.


If you need to remove the connector at a later date, it is important that you do so by using the Add/Remove programs control panel. Do not attempt to uninstall the connector manually.


All the necessary programs to ensure correct operation of the email gateway including the Zetafax Connector for this routing group, the extensions for the Microsoft Exchange System Manager program, and the client addressing templates, will be installed on this server.


Add Zetafax personal folders

Once Setup has copied all of the relevant files to your computer, the final screen will ask you whether you wish to install the Zetafax personal folders onto this computer.


The Zetafax personal folders contain the Outlook forms and Zetafax Outlook Extensions that must be installed on each client computer wishing to send faxes from within Microsoft Outlook. The installation of the Zetafax Outlook Extensions on client computers is described later in this section.


Starting the Zetafax Connector

The Zetafax Connector should now be visible from within the main Microsoft Exchange System Manager program window. It is installed into the Connectors container for the default routing group of the current Exchange 2003 server.


Start the connector

Once the Setup process is complete, you should check the Zetafax Connector service from the Services control panel.


Double-click the Services control panel.

Highlight the Zetafax Connector service and check that it is running.


The first time the Zetafax Connector service is started, it is important to check that there are no errors reported. If there are, check the event log for further information.


Automatic startup

The Setup program sets the Zetafax Connector service Startup Type to Automatic , to be consistent with all of the other Microsoft Exchange 2003 services. This ensures the Zetafax Connector service will start up automatically each time the computer is restarted.