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Configuring rendering options



You now need to configure the rendering options for the Email Gateway. This section takes you through the stages of registering rendering applications, and installing the rendering printer driver at the Zetafax Server PC.


Run Zetafax Configuration.

Choose Server settings in the left pane.

Select Email Gateway in the right pane.

Click the Rendering. button to display a dialog with two tabs, Applications and Rendering .


Applications tab



The options on this tab allow you to register the applications you have installed on the Zetafax Server PC with the gateway. Typically, these are the most common applications used by your network users to send faxes.


If a network user attempts to send an email message with an attachment created by an application that has not been registered or installed on the Zetafax Server PC, the Email Gateway will be unable to process the message.


You will not be allowed to register an application from this dialog unless it has already been installed on the Zetafax Server PC. You should check that any rendering application you configure can be run without any dialogs being invoked or errors displayed on start up or shut down.


Note: Within this dialog, numerous versions of the same software are listed. It is important that the version of each application you specify exactly matches the version you are using on the Zetafax Server PC.


If users on your network are using multiple versions of the same applications, such as Office 2000, or Office 2010, you should install the latest version of the software on the Zetafax Server PC to generally ensure backwards compatibility.


You must install the ASCII driver as an absolute minimum. This is the driver which converts the text of the email message itself.


If you want to allow users to send email messages from Exchange 2003 including formatted text (Rich Text), you should now choose the application which will be used to render rich text:


Click Associate and associate the .RTF file extension with your Word processing package in the Configure Associations dialog that follows.


Rendering tab

This tab allows you to select the quality of rendering you require.


When configuring the Email Gateway for the first time, you must click on this tab to install the gateway's rendering printer driver. The email rendering subsystem printer driver will then become visible the next time you start the Print Manager.


The printer driver will not be installed successfully under Windows Server 2003 unless the user account you are currently using has administrator privileges.