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Configuring Zetafax users to use the Email Gateway for MS Exchange 2003

This section takes you through the process of configuring a single Zetafax user for the purposes of testing your installation. It also takes you through the stages of importing a list of email users which is necessary for setting up additional Zetafax users; for more information, see Setting up Email Gateway users.


Setting up all Zetafax users to send and receive faxes (auto enrollment)

You may prefer to use the auto enrollment feature provided by the wildcard entries created during the user import. This option does not allow the administrator precise control over who will use the gateway, as each Exchange user sending a fax from an enabled domain will be auto enrolled and tallied by Zetafax until the licensed number of users is reached. At this point any further users you may need to use the gateway will be rejected.


The following table gives examples of the options:

Click the (All Exchange Users) entry in the right pane of the Email gateway users list with the right mouse button and choose Enable from the pop-up menu.

In the Enable Email Users dialog , Single shared account will be the only option.

Click the OK button to proceed.
In the Add new Zetafax email user profile dialog, enter MSX and click OK.
In the Zetafax user details dialog, click OK.

The enabled wildcard entry will now appear in the right pane of the Email gateway users list with the email user profile account as its Zetafax name.


Setting up a Zetafax user to send and receive faxes

Choose the Users and user groups option from the left pane of the Zetafax Server's configuration program, ZFSETUP.

Create a new Zetafax account by highlighting Zetafax users and choosing Add new Zetafax user (Action menu) button or alternatively select an existing account by highlighting the user's entry and selecting Edit (Action menu).


To allow a user to send messages from Microsoft Outlook via Zetafax:

Check the box marked Allow sending from Email Gateway.


To allow a user to receive fax messages in their Microsoft Outlook Inbox:

Check the box marked Forward received messages via email.


If either or both of these boxes are checked, it is important that a valid email username appears in the Email username box. If you have already created a list of Microsoft Exchange 2003 users, as described below, then this box will be completed automatically by Zetafax.


If the Email username box is still blank, click the Browse button to browse the current list of email users maintained by the Zetafax Server.


You can manually select a name from this list by highlighting it and clicking the Select button.


Importing email user names

If there are no email users in the Zetafax Users list (shown by the following icon: emailuser), you must populate the list.

Click the Refresh button.


Zetafax will start the Microsoft Exchange Import Service, which builds a list of the Microsoft Exchange 2003 users on the organization.

Check the Exchange 2003 box. We recommend that you accept the default path.

Click the OK button to begin the export.

Highlight the email address of the Zetafax user you are configuring and click the Select button.


This will associate the email address of the user with their Zetafax address and configure them to use the gateway.