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This section is designed to help you learn how Zetadocs can be applied in real life situations.  Throughout these tutorials, there are references to documents and accessory files.  All documents that are referred to can be found in the following location:


C:\Program Files\Zetadocs PDF\Samples


and can be accessed using the short cut in the start menu.


All Accessories that are referred to are downloaded into you default Zetadocs directory.


If either of these components is not present on your system, try reinstalling the software.


Tutorial 1: Getting started

Tutorial 2: Creating stationery

Tutorial 3: Creating document attachments

Tutorial 4: Creating PDF attachments

Tutorial 5: Creating document templates

Tutorial 6: Mail merge and Zetadocs

Tutorial 7: Sending quotations from ACT!

Tutorial 8: Archiving sent quotations to ACT! contact history

Tutorial 9: Sending personalized marketing mail shots from ACT!