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Archiving sent quotations to ACT! contacts

Using this tutorial you will be shown how to modify an ACT! template that can be used to archive all Quotations sent using Zetadocs PDF automatically in the History tab against the ACT! customer record.  

To modify your quotation template, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open the ACT! application.


Step 2: Select Write | Edit Template from ACT! Menu bar.


Step 3: Select the template called Quote.adt from the list as shown in the screen shot below. Doing so will launch the Template within Word.


Step 4: Add the Add contact history embedded command by selecting ACT! | Add a contact history from the menu on the Zetadocs PDF toolbar in Word.

This will automatically add the following command:

%%[ActContactHistory: «MY:Company», «Contact», «Email»]
Where MY:Company, Contact, and Email are ACT! fields representing your company name, the name of the contact that the letter is being sent to, and the email address of the contact that the letter is being sent to respectively.

Step 5: As an option you can select which information is stored in the contact history using the %%[ActHistoryOptions] command. Further information can be found in the Modifying ACT! Templates section.

Step 6: Save your changes to the template and return to ACT!  Each time a Quote is sent using Zetadocs PDF using the Quote template you modified, a copy of the quote will be archived against the history of the contact. This will happen just after the email has been submitted.

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