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Modifying ACT! templates

Editing ACT! templates

Zetadocs PDF supports ACT! templates created in Microsoft Office Word 2003.  This section describes how to modify an existing template to use basic commands to send PDFs by email to single and multiple recipients.  

Step 1:        Open the ACT! application.


Step 2:        Select Write | Edit Template from ACT! Menu bar.


Step 3:        Select the template you wish to edit e.g. for quotations, choose Quote.adt from the list.



Adding history item to ACT! contact

The following command instructs Zetadocs PDF to store a history item to a contact in the ACT! database. This will happen just after Zetadocs PDF sends the email to the contact.


%%[ActContactHistory: «your company», «contact name», «contact email»]


Where «your company», «contact name» and «contact email» are replaced by ACT! fields as follows:


«your company» : My Record – Company (The name of your company as specified in your ACT! database).

«contact name»: Contact – Contact

«contact email»: Contact – E-mail


You can add this command by hand, using the ACT! menu to assign the Merge fields or using the Word ZetadocsPDF toolbar, which will add the correct fields automatically. The final command should look something like this:


%%[ActContactHistory: «MY:Company», «Contact», «Email»]


The command identifies the ACT! database where the contact is stored – this must match one of the ACT! databases configured in the Zetadocs PDF Options tab – see ACT! Integration.



Select ACT! contact history options

The following command allows you to configure what information is stored on the contact history in the ACT! database.


%%[ActHistoryOptions: «message options», «attachment options»]


where «message options» is one of:


SubjectAndMessage – store both email subject and message body in history

Subject – store only subject in history

None – store neither subject not message body in history


and «attachment options» is one of:

Attachment – store PDF attachment in message history

None – do not store attachment in message history


For example, the following command stores the subject and attachment in the message history, but does not store the message body:


%%[ActHistoryOptions: Subject, Attachment]




Use with other embedded commands

The embedded commands described above can be added to ACT templates alongside other Zetadocs embedded commands to fully automate PDF document creation and delivery.  This is described in the Tutorial: Sending Quotations from ACT!.


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