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Sending quotations from ACT!

Using this tutorial you will be shown how to modify an ACT! template that can be used to send Quotations to ACT! contacts as PDF files.  


To modify your quotation template, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open the ACT! application.


Step 2: Select Write | Edit Template from ACT! Menu bar.


Step 3: Select the template called Quote.adt from the list as shown in the screen shot below. Doing so will launch the Template within Word.


Step 4: On a new line in the Quote template, insert the following command:



The Zetadocs commands can be inserted simply using the Word add in which is visible in the toolbar as shown in the screenshot below.

The «E-mail» field is the ACT! field that corresponds to the email address of the recipient. To insert these fields, open the ACT! Mail Merge Fields dialogue box, by selecting Show Field List from the ACT! menu.  Select E-mail from the list and click Insert. Without these fields, it would be necessary to manually enter the email address for each recipient.  

Step 5: Open Zetadocs PDF and open the accessories Window by selecting View | Accessories Window.  Select Stationery from the Type drop down box as in the diagram below, and choose the stationery you wish to merge this document to.

Step 6: With the stationery you wish to use highlighted, right-click and select Copy Automation Command as in the screen below.

A dialog will appear stating that the automation command has been copied to the clipboard.

Step 7: Return to the ACT! template in Word, and Paste from the Edit menu to paste the command into the document adjacent to the other commands.

Your document should now look similar to the document shown in the screen below.

You can repeat this process with other accessories, for example if you wanted to add attachments such as a product brochure or price list to your email or use a pre-defined document template, you can copy and paste the command to the Quotation document.

Step 8: When you have added all of the accessories you wish to add to your document, highlight the Zetadocs fields i.e. all fields beginning %%[and select Format from the menu bar.  Select Font and from the Font Color drop down list and select the color white. This will make the fields invisible in the final document.

Step 9: Once the Embedded Addressing commands have been inserted, save the document.

Step 10: Zetadocs PDF Embedded Addressing offers much greater functionality than described above, such as customizable text in the body of the email. For further information, please refer to the online help within Zetadocs.

How to send quotations from within ACT! as a PDF by email:

Follow these instructions to create and send a quotation as a PDF file direct from ACT!

Step 11: Quotations can be generated from opportunities you have created within ACT!  To view opportunities or to create a new one, select Opportunity List from the View menu.  

Step 12: To create a new opportunity, click the new opportunity button (second from the left in the toolbar).


Step 13: Complete the relevant information in the Opportunity dialog as shown in the screen below. When you are ready to generate the quote, click the Quote button.  This will launch the Quote Template you edited earlier within Word. All ACT! merge fields will have already been filled with the relevant details of the selected contact.



Step 14: Print the Quotation to the Zetadocs PDF Printer.  If you have selected Preview document before sending in the Tools | Options dialog within Zetadocs, it will allow you to preview your Quotation before releasing it as shown in the screen below.  Other attachments, such as PDF documents can be added to your letter at this point.  When you are ready to send the document, select Send from the Zetadocs PDF toolbar.

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