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How to create a new document attachment



Creating document attachments allows them to be saved and attached to as many documents as you need to. Document Attachments can come from any MS Office based program, and be single or multi page.


This can be done following the steps below:


Step 1:  Print the document you would like to use as an attachment to the Zetadocs PDF printer.


Step 2:  Select the Save option from the top toolbar.


Step 3:  Choose the As Attachment option.  


Step 4:  Select a file name that will be easily recognizable and save your file either in your local Zetadocs PDF folder should it be for only your use, or in a shared folder on your network should other people need to use it.


For example:


L:\Equisys\Zetadocs PDF\Getting Started.zda


Your document will now be saved as an attachment.


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