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What is the accessories option for?

The accessories option allows you to customize your documents before sending them. There are four different types of accessory you can add to your document:



Electronic stationery can be added to your document, allowing you to send professional looking documents quickly and simply. As there is no limit to the number of stationery items that you can store, you can change the stationery you use to include different company logos and different contact details depending on the type of document you are sending.



To speed up the creation of a final document ready to be sent, you can save attachments that you need to send regularly within Zetadocs. Any number of attachments can be added to each document you are preparing by simply dragging and dropping them into the document.



A document template can be set up and applied to any document that is printed to the Zetadocs PDF program. This allows documents to be sent in a standard format, with the correct stationery and attachments added for a particular document type. This is useful in a variety of situations, especially if documents need to be sent regularly by a group of people, for example invoices with a covering letter, and terms and conditions of sale.


PDF Documents

Just like normal attachments PDF documents can be saved as an attachment type within your Zetadocs PDF window. However with PDF documents you can choose to combine the attachment into the document body or to send the attachment as a separate document. PDF documents can also be used as stationery for use with Microsoft Dynamics Server Delivery.