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Creating document templates

Using this tutorial you will create a document template that you can later use to help you quickly build documents that you create routinely.  Document templates within Zetadocs allow you to specify a set of rules, such as add company stationery, and conditions of sale, and when used, ensure that the correct information is always applied to your document.


Using document templates allows you to speed up the document production process while offering peace of mind by ensuring that your documents maintain a consistent look and feel.


Using some of the documents created during installation we use the Document Template Wizard to:


a)        Add an attachment.

b)        Add stationery.

c)        Apply messaging options to a document template.  

d)        Save your document template.  

e)        Apply your new template to a new document.  



Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open Zetadocs PDF  and select the Tools > Create Document Template... option.  


Step 2: The Document Template Wizard will start. Select the Next option to continue.


Step 3: On the next screen, you can specify attachments that you wish to be added to your documents.  Available attachments are displayed in the top-left box.  You can select an attachment by highlighting it. Select the attachment entitled "WM Attachment".  A preview appears as a thumbnail.


Step 4: To add this brochure as an attachment, click on the Add button. Select NO when prompted to convert the attachment to PDF. The WM Attachment will be listed in the Selected Attachment box as shown below.  You can add more attachments if you have them available. Zetadocs PDF allows you to specify the order in which the attachments appear in your document relative to the Original Document that you printed to the Zetadocs PDF printer.  Highlight the attachment if you wish to change the order and click Move up or Move down.


Step 5: Click on Next to continue.



Step 5: You will now be asked if you wish to specify any stationery. You can leave this blank, or select stationery by highlighting it.  Select the stationery entitled "WM Stationery".  A preview of this stationery appears as a thumbnail.  To add this stationery, click on the Add button. Select NO when prompted to convert the stationery to PDF. The WM Stationery you selected will be listed in the Selected Stationery box as shown below.  Click on the Next button when you are ready to proceed.  





Step 6: The email properties screen allows you to specify default message options for your document template.  It is possible to specify mail recipients, a subject field and a message body.  Specifying the message body can speed up the document production process.  By specifying mail recipients, Zetadocs PDF can ensure that sales quotations are always copied to the sales manager, or reports can be dispatched quickly and effortlessly, looking great every time.



Step 7: Here you can enter the addressing options specifying the From, To, Cc, Bcc and other address details as required either by entering their SMTP email address or clicking the relevant addressing button and selecting a recipient from your Outlook address book.


Step 8: Enter your subject and message body using ctrl+enter to move down through the lines of the message body. When you are ready to proceed, click Next.


Step 9: The summary screen is the final screen in the Wizard and lists the settings you have chosen. You can select a name for your document template e.g. Sales Quotation.  You can save your template locally for your own use or in a shared network location so that other network users can access it.


Note: if saving a template to a shared location on the network, you must ensure that the PC where you store the template has appropriate access to any stationery or attachments you have used.



Step 10: Click Finish when you are ready to proceed.


Using document templates


Like stationery and attachments, document templates are accessible using the accessories Window, or using embedded commands.


Step 1: Open the document entitled "Sample Letter.doc" using Microsoft Word.  The letter is located in the following folder:


C:\Program Files\Zetadocs PDF\Samples\Sample Letter.doc


Step 2: Print the document to the Zetadocs PDF printer.  The Zetadocs PDF software will display your document.


Step 3: Click on the Accessories button, or choose View | Accessories Window.  Selected the folder where you saved your template, and select Templates from the Type drop down.


Step 4: Your template entitled "Sales quotation" will be visible.  Highlight it and click Apply.  The stationery and any attachments will automatically be added to your document.  If you included any email sending options such as a message body, or subject line, it will be visible as shown in the screen below.



Step 5: Click Send to deliver the document.