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Creating document attachments

Using this tutorial you will be shown how to create document attachments that you can then use with Zetadocs to customize your documents.  Using some of the documents created on installation we will:


 a)  Print your attachment from Word.

 b)  Customize your attachment.

 c)  Save your attachment.

 d)  Add your attachment to a standard document.


Please follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Open the sample document: Sample Attachment.doc in Word.


Step 2: Print the document to the Zetadocs PDF printer.


Step 3: Select the document that you have just printed.


Step 4: Use the reading pane to check the layout of your attachment.


Step 5: Add any stationery you wish to have present within your attachment.


Step 6: If you are happy with the look of your attachment, then the attachment can be saved using the Save as Attachment option found in the File menu.


Step 7: This will open the Save As menu window, and allow you to choose a file name for your attachment.


Step 8: Select the Save option to save your attachment.


This attachment can now be added to any documents printed to Zetadocs PDF. To test your attachment simply add it to the sample document sample letter.doc.