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Creating Stationery

Using this tutorial you will be shown how to create stationery that you can then use with Zetadocs to customize your documents.  Using some of the documents created on installation we will:


 a)  Add images to a Word document

 b)  Print your stationery from Word

 c)  Save your stationery

 d)  Apply your stationery to a standard document        



Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1:  Open Microsoft Office Word and create a new document


Step 2: Add the header logo to your document using the Insert > Picture > From File. This will allow you to insert any image file that is compatible with Microsoft Office suite. For the purposes of this tutorial we will the sample logo found in the Zetadocs PDF folder Large Logo.jpeg


Step 3: Place the logo at the top right of your document window using the right justification option and adjusting the margins.


Step 4: Add the footer logo named bottom logo.jpeg at the bottom of the document, and again adjust the placing until you feel it is in  the correct position.


Step 5: Print your document to the Zetadocs PDF printer.


Step 6: Select the document that you have just printed.


Step 7: Use the reading pane to check the layout of your stationery


Step 8: If you are happy with the look of your stationery, then the stationery can be saved using the Save as Stationery option found in the File menu.


Step 9: This will open the Save As menu window, and allow you to choose a file name for your stationery.


Step 10: Select the Save option to save your stationery


This stationery can now be applied to any documents printed to Zetadocs PDF. To test your stationery simply apply it to the sample document.