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Device Configuration Wizard



The Device Configuration Wizard can automatically detect any Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modems installed on your computer. It is recommended that you use this option, as it will simplify device configuration. If you have an intelligent fax board (e.g. Brooktrout), choose Manually install other devices?.


The following two options only appear if the wizard has detected a physically installed device on your machine that is not configured:


Search for installed modems?

Select this option to have the wizard search for installed modems. Any devices found are displayed in the Device Configuration Wizard - Found Devices dialog.


Manually install other devices?

Select to choose the device you wish to configure in the Device Configuration Wizard - Other Device Types dialog.



Click this button to carry out the selected action or begin device configuration.



Click to exit the wizard without making any changes to the Zetafax device configuration settings.


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