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Configuring devices



The Device Configuration Wizard, part of the Zetafax Configuration program lets you configure the system for the devices that you will use. It sets details such as the type of modem, serial port, and who will receive incoming faxes.


For information about installing, configuring and using intelligent fax boards,  see Using Zetafax with intelligent fax boards.



To configure a new device


Click the Start  button, point to Programs, point to Zetafax , and then click Zetafax Configuration.

In the right pane, right-click on Devices and select Add. The Device Configuration Wizard is displayed.

The Device Configuration Wizard  will automatically detect any Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modems installed on your computer.

If no Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modems are found, click Next.

If a device is found, then the user can select Search for installed modems? and click Next. Any modems detected will be listed in the  top pane on the resulting dialog. If the modem you want to install is listed,  select it and click Add.

If the modem you want to install is not in the list, then go back to the  previous page, select Manually install other devices and click Next.

To install a device other than a Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modem, select Manually install other devices and click Next.


You can manually install devices from the Device Type  list. Click on  a heading for more information:


Brooktrout intelligent fax board

Windows printer

Fax modem

SMS device


To add a Brooktrout intelligent fax board port:


Select your board type from the Device Type  list, click Add and enter the settings - you should add a separate Zetafax device for each  port on the board.


Note : The relevant Brooktrout device drivers must be installed prior  to installing a Brooktrout channel in the device configuration. More detailed  information can be found in Using Zetafax with Brooktrout fax boards.



To add a Windows printer for automatic printing:


A Windows printer for automatic printing is installed by default. Should you  need to add one for automatic printing of incoming and/or outgoing faxes: Select the item Windows printer for automatic printing , click Add and enter the description.


To add a fax modem:


After selecting the item Fax modem (class 1 or 2) from the list, click Add: In Device Configuration Wizard - Special Devices, select your fax  modem (Class 1 or 2) if it is in the list or select (Not in list) and click Next. Specify the settings for the modem. From the Device options - Fax modem  dialog box select which COM  port the modem is attached to.

A dial prefix may be specified if your modem is connected to a PBX extension.  You can configure the modem to be used for incoming calls, outgoing calls or  both. The number and organization names to appear on the fax header line may  be specified. Click All Settings  for other settings and Advanced Options .


Note : To receive inbound faxes, Zetafax requires modem exclusivity,  i.e. the modem should not be shared with a remote access service or any other  software.


Device Demo Mode

Zetafax requires interfacing with various types of fax modems and intelligent fax boards, it is often useful to be able to use a demonstration device to test the basic functionality of Zetafax without having to setup an actual hardware device. This has been facilitated by the inclusion of a new device type, this Demonstration Device is installed much like a standard hardware device using the Device Configuration Wizard.

Upon opening the Device Configuration Wizard if no Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modems are found, click Next in the Start dialog. The select the option Demonstration Fax Device and select Add.

The Demonstration Fax Device should be set to connect to the DemoPort which should be automatically selected, if not it is located at the bottom of the available com port list. When DemoPort is selected many of the other options will no longer be accessible as they are predetermined when using the DemoPort.

On addition of a Demonstration Fax Device you will be warned that this device will work in Demonstration mode and will only simulate the sending of faxes, select OK to continue.

The Demonstration Fax Device will now enable the testing of Zetafax functionality.



To add an SMS device:


Select SMS device  (GSM modem) from the list, click Add  and  enter the settings. The settings are outlined in Device Configuration Wizard - SMS Settings.



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