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Using Zetafax with intelligent fax devices

These topics describe how to configure Zetafax to work with an intelligent fax device, instead of using a modem, to take advantage of the better compatibility and higher throughput that this type of device provides.



With Windows 2003 (and in some instances Windows XP Professional) based fax servers, intelligent fax devices may be used in place of fax modems. These devices cost more per port than fax modems, but have a number of advantages:

Better compatibility with remote fax machines and fax modems, leading to fewer dropped or failed calls.

Reduced average call times through use of higher compression and shorter protocol handshaking times during calls.

Higher density configuration for multiple fax line servers (intelligent fax devices can have a number of ports per device).

Reduced processor load for the fax server.


Zetafax supports both ISA and PCI intelligent fax devices from leading manufacturers Brooktrout and Dialogic. Support for PCI devices simplifies installation of the device by providing 'plug and play' automatic configuration of system interrupts and device addresses.


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