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Using Zetafax with HP Digital Sender Devices



Using Zetafax can save time faxing documents direct from your desktop. There is no need to print a fax to a network printer, and feed it through a manual fax machine. However most people still need to fax paper based documents. This is exactly what the Hewlett Packard Digital Sender devices are designed to do. They connect directly to a network Zetafax Server and allow faxes to be submitted directly from the scanner, entering the required fax number on the scanner's control panel.


They provide the following advantages over stand-alone fax machines for sending paper documents:

The Zetafax Server will dial and redial automatically.

They scan documents immediately at 15 pages per minute and store the faxes at the Zetafax Server during sending, instead of waiting for each page to be received in turn.


HP Digital Sender devices allow you to log on by specifying your network username before you use it. This is used to determine the matching Zetafax account to use when sending the fax, and the Zetafax Server reports the status of faxes in the Zetafax Server queue at the user's desktop.


You can also choose whether guest users who do not have a Zetafax account are to be allowed to submit faxes, and the Zetafax account that will be used for them.


These topics give information about how to configure the Hewlett Packard Digital Sender devices and Zetafax to work together. They also give instructions about how to submit faxes using the device, to summarize and supplement the Hewlett Packard documentation.


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