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Automatic printing



The Zetafax Server can be configured to print every fax sent or received automatically,  with a status page which gives transmission details. You can choose whether  to print 1, 2 or 4 fax pages per printed sheet to save paper.


To configure automatic printing you should enable the automatic printing options  you require. These are configured using the Zetafax Configuration  program.


Adding a printer


To use automatic printing, you must have one or more print devices configured  on the Zetafax Server. To do this:


Launch the Zetafax Configuration  program (Start  menu, Programs submenu, Zetafax  submenu).

In the right pane, click on Add device.

In the Add new device  dialog that appears, set the Device to add control to Windows printer for automatic printing.


The device options  dialog will be displayed. You can also display this  to change the settings on an existing print device by right-clicking the device and clicking the Edit menu item.


You should give the printer a simple description (which is displayed on the  Zetafax Server main screen).




After adding one or more PRINT devices, you should select which sent and received faxes are to be printed by default. (The default may be overridden per user.)  To do this for sent faxes: Under Server settings  in Zetafax Configuration, double-click Automatic printing of sent faxes .

The Automatic printing of sent faxes dialog will appear. Make any changes you require to the settings. Click OK .

Only faxes sent successfully will be printed.

To select which received faxes are to be printed: In Server settings , double-click Automatic printing of received  faxes . Make any changes you require to the settings. Click OK . Per-user printing

The default settings may be overridden for each user and for each user group.

To make overriding setting for a user or user group: In the Zetafax Configuration folder, click Users and user groups . Click Zetafax users  or Zetafax groups . In the right pane, click the user or group for the settings for which you  want to change. In the Zetafax User Details  dialog, click Printing... . In the Printing  dialog that appears, make any changes you require. Click OK .Using letterheads

When using letterheads for your faxes, you need to configure the Zetafax printer.  See Print setup  for more information.


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