Order Matching

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Order Matching

Zetadocs order matching screen helps you match purchase invoice lines to related order lines. Zetadocs can also automate the matching process, the receipting process and the actual posting of the Purchase Invoice to save more time and enable you to pay invoices more quickly without a second payment approval.


Zetadocs rules [Link] can be setup per Zetadocs Document Queue (System Rules) and per Vendor (Vendor Rules) so that you have full flexibility over the automation levels. e.g vendors that are normally fully processed by the finance team can be setup to automatically match, receipt and posted directly.



Tap the Match To Order Lines button on the Document Preview screen to load the Matching screen.


The three-pane display will show you the original document, the invoice lines from the Preview screen and a list of uninvoiced order lines for the selected vendor.


If the purchase order number has been recognized, then the order lines will be filtered by the PO number automatically. This filter can be cleared in the normal way using the column header controls.


Select the invoice line and then the corresponding order line to match them. Fully matched order lines are highlighted in dark green and partially matched lines are highlighted in yellow.


Clear any matches in the same way or choose the Clear All Matches button to return to an unmatched state.


Once the amount to match is zero and the amount matched equals the invoice total you can click OK to return to the Preview screen.


The matched order number will be written as a comment line as an easy reference later.


Auto matching

When the Auto match rule is set, Zetadocs will attempt to match invoice lines to order lines automatically.


The item or GL account quantity, unit price and PO number must all match for the line item to be auto matched.



Zetadocs will prompt you to receive any order lines that are not received if the Receipt Order lines rule is not set.


Zetadocs will always assume manually received items are those being invoiced. The posted receipts must be equal to or greater than the quantity invoiced.


NOTE: Zetadocs cannot match invoice lines to order lines that have more than one posted receipt. In this case the order line is unmatched and you can get the multiple receipt lines on the Purchase Invoice created by Zetadocs. Choose Get Receipt Lines... from the Lines menu and choose the relevant receipts. That populates the Purchase Invoice with all the receipts Zetadocs could not match. Delete the single line Zetadocs created so that you don’t duplicate the item and post the invoice. That process will set the PO lines Qty Invoiced correctly on the purchase order in the background.



Zetadocs will post the fully matched purchase invoice if the Post Document rule is set.


Zetadocs cannot post documents that are not fully received. If you choose not to receive order lines then the lines are unmatched and an unposted purchase invoice will be created.



Use the Copy Order Line To Invoice button to copy order lines. This is useful when the invoice line recognition has not picked up all the order lines.