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Document Capture


You can capture documents in Business Central using Zetadocs Document Queues or dragging and dropping files onto the Zetadocs Documents FactBox.


Document Queues

Capturing documents from your suppliers and customers whether they arrive by email, fax or on paper you create a single repository for you business documents. These documents are listed in the relevant Document Queue within Business Central for processing.


From there, users can select an item, view it and then create a Business Central document from it e.g. a Purchase Invoice can be created from the original purchase document. The original document is archived in SharePoint and visible in the Documents FactBox.


Drag and drop

Zetadocs provides the ability to drag and drop items from a variety of sources into an area on the Documents FactBox in Business Central, which then archives that file to your document library in SharePoint Online.


Zetadocs adds the Documents FactBox to the following Business Central pages using Zetadocs Page Extensions.


Archived documents may be shared with colleagues to help them work more effectively and efficiently – even if they are not Business Central users. The contrast with inaccessible central paper records could not be greater.


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