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Document Queues


Processing inbound documents from your suppliers and customers are made easier in Business Central using Zetadocs Document Queues.


From a Document Queue, users can select an item, view it and then create a Business Central document using the original document which is then archived in SharePoint and visible in the Documents FactBox.


The Zetadocs Document Queues page in Business Central contains a list of documents for processing.  The type of documents it contains depends on the queue.



You could have a Purchase Invoice Document Queue. Any incoming invoices would then be captured by scanning or saving them to SharePoint. These documents are then listed in the relevant Document Queue within Business Central, ready for processing.


About the Zetadocs Document Queue page

The Zetadocs Document Queue displays a list of captured documents currently waiting to be processed.


It provides the following details:




The date and time the document was converted and uploaded to SharePoint Online.

File Name

The name of the file that was added to the document queue.


The link field contains details on any objects linked to this captured document, for example if the captured document has a Zetadocs generated barcode upon it, such as a signed shipment notice, the barcode details will be listed and used to automatically link it to the original document sent.


The status field contains information regarding what is occurring to this entry in the Document Queue.


If any errors have occurred in capturing the document or in Autolinking a barcode, they will be detailed in this field.


It also informs the user when a document is in use by another user logged into the document queue.  If this is the case, they would be presented with the status In use by "User" since 07/07/2022 11.30 where user contains the details of the Business Central user. You would find that you are unable to delete or create items based upon that document due to it being locked for editing, documents can be unlocked using the Check In option.


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