AP Automation

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AP Automation


Zetadocs Capture can be enhanced with a ready-to-go, no-rules, no-templates Accounts Payable Automation add-on that uses Intelligent OCR to extract key data from your supplier invoices, matches these invoices to orders and then creates or posts Purchase Invoices directly inside Business Central, so that you can focus on what matters most.


Ready-to-go, no-rules, no-templates

Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Automation solutions use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract key data fields from supplier or vendor invoices. The extracted data is then used to create purchase invoices or credit memos inside Business Central. By using automatic extraction of key fields, an AP team can save the time taken to rekey these purchase documents manually.


Most AP automation solutions in the market today require some upfront investment before they can start to add value. Typically these solutions require the AP team in each organization to train these solutions to identify key fields based on their location on the page by creating structured data templates per vendor or supplier that invoices the organization.


Zetadocs Capture and its AP Automation add-on solves this dilemma by using artificial intelligence (AI) services from Microsoft to intelligently extract key value pairs from your supplier invoices such as total, invoice ID, line items and details such as item name, item quantity, item price and more. It does not require any training, rules or templates to get going.


Zetadocs automatically recognizes the data from every new supplier invoice it is sent and presents these values to you on the Document Preview screen directly inside Business Central. Once matched to the correct vendor and invoice line items, Zetadocs then creates a Purchase Invoice against the appropriate vendor.


Zetadocs Cross references

All lookups to Business Central content on the Preview screen are saved in the Zetadocs Cross references tables. When the Preview screen loads, it , it performs a number of checks and lookups in Business Central using the extracted data and learnt data from the Zetadocs Cross references.



Zetadocs will first search the Zetadocs Cross references for a vendor match and uses that match to populate the vendor no. and vendor name. If no match is found, Zetadocs then searches the Business Central vendor list for a match using the extracted VendorName based on the Business Central Name and Search Name fields.


When duplicates are found in Business Central the search uses the vendor address to find a match. When no match is found the vendor fields are left blank to enable you to manually lookup or create the Business Central vendor.


Once the extracted VendorName has been manually matched to a Business Central vendor it is then permanently stored in the Zetadocs Cross references. Future vendor lookups will first search the Zetadocs Cross references for a match.


To update the Zetadocs Cross reference, manually match to a new Business Central vendor



Zetadocs will first search the Zetadocs Cross references for an item that matches the extracted product code or item description and use that match to populate the Preview screen line type and item no.  If no match is found, Zetadocs then searches the Business Central item reference entries for a match, and then the item tables, first by ID then by description.


Thereafter the search priority and matching priority is the same as for the vendor search.


G/L accounts

Zetadocs will first search the Zetadocs Cross references for an account that matches the line items extracted description and uses that match to populate the line type and account no. If no match is found, Zetadocs then searches the Business Central Text-to-Account Mapping for a match then the chart of accounts by ID, search name and then description.


Thereafter the search priority and matching priority is the same as for the vendor search.



Once the Vendor, Item and G/L account lookups have completed, the associated tax posting groups will be loaded for the header and for each line item, and the correct tax field descriptions will be displayed.


Looked up Business Central tax fields can be overridden on the preview screen on a document-by-document basis to cope with transient tax variations.


NOTE: Manual tax field lookups are not remembered


The completed Purchase Invoice, or Purchase Credit Memo preview will be displayed to you with all recognized data entered once the extraction and lookup processes have finished.


NOTE: Zetadocs Cross reference data is exported as part of the Zetadocs Configuration Export operation on the Zetadocs General Settings page. This helps retain any learning during the UAT and testing phases performed in a sandbox environment, get migrated to live.


Default dimensions

Default dimension values for the vendor, item and GL accounts are set as normal when Zetadocs creates the Purchase Invoice or Purchase Credit Memo, on the header and line items in Business Central.


Activity logging

The Zetadocs Activity log has been extended for Zetadocs Capture and Document Queue actions. It provides event logs to troubleshoot and resolve creation failures, plus a permanent audit of records created.


A new Activity Log button on Document Queues gives a shortcut to view the activity log and can then be filtered by Document Queue entries for easier troubleshooting.


Three-way matching

Zetadocs automatically order matches purchase invoice lines to related order lines, with an option to automatically receipt and post purchase invoices. This enables finance teams to pay invoices more quickly without a second payment approval and can save additional manual processing.



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