Create records using Document Queues

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Create records using Document Queues


Create documents using automated data enabled Document Queues

When using the AP Automation feature with Zetadocs Document Queues, the Process button will open the Document Preview screen.


Create documents using Document Queues

These steps demonstrate how to create an item based upon a document in the queue.


To create an item based upon a document in the queue:

  1. Open the Zetadocs Sales Document Queue, or equivalent other queue for which you have been setup.
  1. Click
  2. Click the Process button and click Create new order. This will display the Sales Order.
  3. Fill in the Customer no and the order information.
  4. Click the Zetadocs Send button. This displays the Sales - Order request page. To send your documents using Zetadocs, click OK.
  1. After sending the order, the sent document is displayed in SharePoint Online as per your archiving options.
  2. You can now close the Sales Order. The Zetadocs Status Message is displayed.
  1. You will be asked whether you want to delete the document from the document queue. If you no longer require the document to be in the Document Queue, you can delete it.