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Recording Mileage Expenses

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Recording Mileage Expenses

Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Submitter role.

When to use Mileage Expenses


You want to record business mileage incurred in your company or private vehicle.

Mileage calculations required.

When NOT to use Mileage Expenses


You have purchased a fuel expense using your own payment card or your own cash.

You need to create a payment expense and be reimbursed for the fuel expense costs incurred - refer to Capturing Payment Expenses

You have purchased a fuel expense using a corporate payment card.

You will need to match the fuel expense against the payment card transaction - refer to Matching new card payments to expenses

Watch the video;-


1.Sign in to the Zetadocs Expenses app on your mobile device, or Zetadocs Expenses website using your Microsoft or Zetadocs account details.

2.Choose  the new_expense1 New Expense tile.

3.Choose the new_mileage1 Mileage tile.

4.Enter the Date of the expense with a meaningful Description for the journey.

5.Select the appropriate Vehicle Type for your car.

6.Enter the Starting Point and end Destination – the software will automatically calculate the Distance and Expense Amount you are able to claim for the journey.

7.Selecting Return Journey will automatically double these values.

8.Chose themap-icon2icon to display / hide a map of the journey.

tip_imageTip: You can re-route your journey as follows;-

Desktop devices:

Press the left mouse button anywhere on your highlighted route and re-route the journey.

Touch-screen devices:

Tap the route at the location you want to re-route (this will be highlighted with a circle). Now, simple press the circle and drag it to re-route your journey.

9.Enter any Notes relating to the trip as these may help during the approval process.

10.Select the Expense Type if required then select the appropriate Mileage Type.

11.Set any additional fields that may have been configured, like your department or the project you are working on.

12.Choose the Save button to save the expense to your draft expenses or, choose the New button to capture your next expense.


note_image Note: Individual Payment Expenses cannot be submitted for approval. They have to be added to an Expense Report or Vehicle Report.