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Submitting an Expense Report

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Submitting an Expense Report

Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Submitter role.

Use Expense Reports to collate your payment expenses and mileage expenses for approval.

When to use Expense Reports


All non Fuel or Mileage expenses.

No odometer readings are required.

You have purchased fuel yourself for business miles you've incurred in your private vehicle.

No odometer readings are required as you will only be reimbursed for the company miles recorded against any mileage expenses you attach to the report.

When NOT to use Expense Reports


You have purchased fuel yourself and used this fuel for business miles in your company vehicle.

This is only reimbursable against company miles recorded against separate mileage expenses - refer to Submitting a Vehicle Report

You have purchased fuel using a company payment card and used this fuel your company vehicle.

The system needs to deduct the cost of the private miles from your expenses total - refer to Submitting a Vehicle Report

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1.Sign in to the Zetadocs Expenses app on your mobile device, or Zetadocs Expenses website using your Microsoft or Zetadocs account details.

2.Choose the new_report1 New Report tile.

3.Choose the new_expense1 Expense tile.

4.Enter the Period Dates the expense report will cover (normally, this is for a month or it can be for a specific trip).

5.Enter a meaningful, brief Description i.e. “March Expenses” or “Expenses for Spring Event”.

6.Choose the new_item1 icon to list the available expenses between the Period Dates that have not already been added to a previous expense report.

7.By default, all expenses are selected – un-check any expenses you don’t want to include on the report, then choose the Add button.

8.Expenses with errors will display error1 next to them. Expense reports cannot be submitted for approval if they have expenses with errors attached to them. You can correct these by choosing the individual expense and correcting it using the on screen validation messages.

note_image Note: You can enter a new expense directly against the expense report by choosing the New button.

9.Choose the Submit button to submit the expense report for approval.

10.Select your Approver and Processor (these may already be chosen for you).

11.Enter any Submission Comments that may help during the report approval process then, choose the Submit button.