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Capturing Payment Expenses

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Capturing Payment Expenses

Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Submitter role.

note_image Note: This help is applicable for all editions of Zetadocs expenses. Where features are only available they are marked according to the table below.

1 - This option is only available in the Essentials and Plus editions.

2 - This option is only available in the Plus edition.


When to use Payment Expenses


You have purchased a business expense or fuel expense - using cash, a personal payment card or a corporate payment card.

You need to be reimbursed for an expense you have incurred, or you just need to justify an expense incurred using a corporate payment card.

note_image Note: If you are submitting an expense that was incurred using a corporate payment card, you may find it easier to match your payments directly to a new or existing expense – refer to Matching new card payments to expenses.

Fuel Expenses - You will need to record separate mileage expense(s) against any fuel expenses captured - refer to Recording Mileage Expenses

When NOT to use Payment Expenses


You want to record business mileage incurred in your company or private vehicle.

Use a Mileage Expense to calculate miles - refer to Recording Mileage Expenses

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tip_imageTip: You can forward a confirmation email i.e. from an on-line booking, directly to and Zetadocs Expenses will create the base expense for you!

1.Sign in to the Zetadocs Expenses app on your mobile device, or Zetadocs Expenses website using your Microsoft or Zetadocs account details.

tip_imageTip: You can create a new expense automatically by simply taking a photo of a receipt (using the Zetadocs Expenses mobile app), or by uploading an image file that contains a receipt (using the Zetadocs Expenses web app). To do this, simply choose the new_receipt NEW RECEIPT tile on the Zetadocs Expenses home screen. Zetadocs Expenses will then use OCR to extract information the receipt (transaction date, amount, currency, vendor and tax amount) where possible, and enter these details on to a new expense record for you!1

2.Choose the new_expense1 New Expense tile.

3.Choose the new_expense1 Payment tile.

4.Enter the Date of the expense with a meaningful Description of the expense.

5.Enter the Vendor name – this vendor will then be added to your vendor list for selection in the future to speed up expense entry.

6.Choose the Payment Method, the Currency the expense was paid in, and enter the Expense Amount.

note_image Note: If the chosen Payment Method refers to a corporate payment card, you will need to match the expense to a card payment, by selecting the Match to Payment option. Payment card transactions are only visible once your Finance team have uploaded them – which is typically done at the end of each month.

If the relevant payment card transaction are not currently shown, you will need to wait before you can match the expense.

If you save a payment card expense that is not matched to a payment, then you will see a warning message pop-up. You can proceed to save the unmatched expense by choosing 'NO 'on the pop-up message but you must match the expense to a payment at a later stage (when the payment is visible in the app.).

tip_imageTip: The number of unmatched card payments is shown in the top left corner of the credit_card1 Edit Payment tile on the home1 Home page.

7.Choose the Itemized Expense option if you want to itemise your claim i.e. you may need to record two expense types for the same receipt – accommodation and meals - these would then be recorded as two expense items on the same expense.

8.Enter any Notes relating to the expense as they may help during the approval process.

9.Select the appropriate Expense Type.

10.Select the Sales tax or VAT Rate applicable to the expense type, if it’s reclaimable.

11.Set any additional fields that may have been configured, like your department or the project you are working on.

12.Choose the paper_clip1 paper clip icon or Add Receipt to take a photo of your receipt and accept the image – the receipt image will then be uploaded and attached to the expense so its available during the approval process. Repeat this step if you want to add additional evidence for the expense.

13.Choose the Save to save the expense to your draft expenses or, choose New Expense to capture your next expense.


Please ensure you have attached the correct type of receipt to satisfy the tax authorities in your region e.g. a VAT receipt detailing the VAT amount and the vendors VAT number.


tip_imageTip: You can add a receipt image at any time by choosing the paper_clip1 paper clip.

note_image Note: Individual Payment Expenses cannot be submitted for approval. They have to be added to an Expense Report.