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System Settings

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System Settings

Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Expenses Administrators role.

Accessed via: main_menu1 > System Settings

note_image Note: This help is applicable for all editions of Zetadocs expenses. Where features are only available they are marked according to the table below.

1 - This option is only available in the Essentials and Plus editions.

2 - This option is only available in the Plus edition.


Access to system settings are restricted to users that have been assigned the Expenses Administrators role and this feature is not available via the Zetadocs Expenses mobile app.

Once in the system settings you can always navigate back home by choosing the Zetadocs Expenses icon at the top left.

Regional Settings


Expense Approval


User Experience



New User Experience

Enabled - Enhances the process for managing payment card expenses, making it more usable and efficient. 

These changes include:

oA simpler and more intuitive process for Submitters to follow when creating their payment card expenses – by enabling them to attach payment card expenses to an Expense Report in exactly the same way as they would do for other reimbursable expenses. The complexity of having different ways of submitting expenses for different payment methods is removed.

oSubmitters are provided with a separate view showing all their card payments – which they can then match to a new or existing expense without needing to input all the payment information.

oAll payment card expenses must be matched to a card payment before it can be submitted for approval. This makes the card statement reconciliation process much more efficient as the vast majority of card payments are justified by the submitter. The finance team only needs to review the few exceptions where payments have not been justified (i.e. matched to an approved expense).

oThe Payment Card Report is always owned by the Processor in the finance team – which will typically be used for reconciliation purposes only. Cardholders no longer need to be aware of the Payment Card Report, since they are able to add both their corporate payment card and cash expenses on to the same Expense Report in the same way and submit for approval.


Account Information




This identifies the product you are registered to use;-

oExpress Edition

oEssentials Edition

oPlus Edition

Account Name

Account ID

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