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Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV

Use the Zetadocs Expenses Connector to connect Zetadocs Expenses to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This connector is a Windows application that must to be installed on the NAV server machine. Download the latest version of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV from the Support section of the Equisys website and then follow the steps below:

Registering your Account

When you request a Zetadocs Expenses account for your company you will be sent an Account Registration email from the Zetadocs Expenses team. This email contains a Complete Registration link; it is used to activate your Account and allow you to access the system and complete the remaining setup steps.

This email will be sent from Should you not receive your registration email as expected, please check your spam filter settings before raising a support request. This email address will also be used to send approval request notifications and reminders, as such it should be added to your list of safe or trusted senders to ensure that users throughout your organization receive Zetadocs Expenses emails.

Completing the registration requires the selection of some key account settings which cannot be changed later. If you are unsure of any of these settings then it is advised that you wait for the Zetadocs team member to assist you in this setup step.

1.Open the email and select the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button.

2.You will be taken to the Zetadocs Expenses site where you need to enter details about your account as well as your First and Last Names and chosen password. It is important to check the Account Name and email address fields before clicking REGISTER.  

3.This will complete your account registration and display a confirmation screen which contains the Secure Connection Credentials for your Account. These should be copied to a safe location as they will be required to establish the connection between Zetadocs Expenses and your internal systems.


Creating the Connector User Account

The Zetadocs Expenses Connector needs to be setup and running to enable a connection between your NAV system and the Zetadocs Expenses service, to do this it is recommended that the connector is configured to run as its own user on both your network and in NAV.

Creating a Windows user for the Connector

You need to create a specific Windows user account for the connector to run as. This should be done as per your standard network user generation policy.

Creating a NAV user for the Connector


Setting up Roles and Permissions

To enable the Zetadocs Expenses to connect to Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems a set of roles and permissions need to be configured for it. This section covers the setup of roles and permissions in NAV required for integrating Zetadocs Expenses.

Required Permission Sets

To enable the Zetadocs Expenses Connector service to function correctly the user that the service is running as needs to have the following permission sets:

oBASIC – This gives basic access to the NAV system (NAV 2013 and above only).

oALL – This gives basic access to the NAV system (NAV 2009 R2).

oZETADOCS – Provides access to the Zetadocs for NAV functionality for related documents.  Please see your product specific  installation guide for more information on creating this permission set.

oZETADOCSAPPROVALS – Provides access to the standard NAV tables required by the Zetadocs Expenses Connector.


The process for configuring NAV varies depending on the version of NAV you are using:

Opening the Web Services

To enable Zetadocs Expenses to access data from your NAV system you need to publish a series of web services which enable a connection to be established. The web services use a combination of NAV objects and add-in Dlls to support the various calls from the Zetadocs Expenses service.

Installing the NAV objects and Add-in DLL


Publishing the Web Service

Open the Web Services, click New and add the following entry ensuring that they are named exactly as specified below.

Object Type

Object ID

Service Name







Testing the web service

To test that these web services are published and available you can try and access them using a web browser by adding the link to the web service.

Ensure that SOAP services have been enabled for the NAV Service in the NAV Administration program (for NAV 2009 R2, the SOAP services are enabled once the 'Microsoft Dynamics Business Web Services' service is started). For the Expenses Codeunit this would take the form: http://<Server>:<WebServicePort>/<ServerInstance>/WS/<CompanyName>/CodeUnit/Expenses.


Example link: http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/CRONUS%20International%20Ltd/Codeunit/Expenses


If successful, you will be shown a page of XML data prefixed with the following message;- “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below…..”

If you don’t receive this message, please return to Opening the Web Services section.

note_image Note: Only move to the next section once you have successfully tested the Zetadocs Expenses Web Service.


Configuring your Zetadocs Expenses account

Sign in to the Zetadocs Expenses website using your Zetadocs account details.

Configure for ERP integration

1.Choose the Integration option (top headings)

2.Set the following values;-



ERP Integration


ERP System Type

Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Report Export


Export Description Format


3.Choose Save


Configure your Connector and the Zetadocs Expenses Service

Zetadocs Expenses connects to Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the Zetadocs Expenses Connector. This securely communicates with your internal systems and provides the ability to read and write data for integrating Zetadocs Expenses with NAV.


Configure Zetadocs Expenses for use with NAV

1.Choose the Companies option (top headings)

2.Manage Companies via the manage_icon icon located to the right of the list.

3.Configure the Connection section as follows;-



System Type


Database Type

Set to geographical location.

Company ID

Enter this unique identifier of the company in the Zetadocs Expenses Connector Settings configuration tool.

Connector Connection ID

Enter this unique connection ID in the Zetadocs Expenses Connector Settings configuration tool.

4.Choose Save


Installing the Connector Components

1.Run ZetadocsExpensesConnector.exe from your product download. This will require administrator privileges.

2.Select Next, accept the end user license agreement and click install.

3.After successfully installing ensure the option to launch the Zetadocs Expenses Connector Settings tool is checked and click Finish.

If for whatever reason the Zetadocs Expenses Connector Settings tool does not open; open the start menu and run Zetadocs Expenses Connector Settings.


Configuring the Connector Connection

The Zetadocs Expenses Connector Settings tool allows you to configure all of your accounts and respective companies settings to enable the export to NAV.

1.Edit Account - To edit the default account to match your Zetadocs Expenses account settings, select it from the left-side panel, make the desired alterations to its configuration and finally click the Save button to commit the changes.



Account ID

Enter the Account ID from the Zetadocs System Settings tab.

Account Display Name

Enter the Account Name from the Zetadocs System Settings tab.

Connection ID

Enter the Connector Connection ID from the Zetadocs System Settings Company details screen.

Connector Service Name

The service instance name assigned to the account, typically Zetadocs Expenses Connector (Account ID).

Connector Service User Name

The Windows User created to run the service instance.


2.Add Company - To add a NAV company first select Enable configuration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the Account tab and then click the Add NAV Company button that appears.



Company ID

Enter the Company ID from the Zetadocs System Settings Company details screen.

Company Display Name

Enter the Company Display Name from the Zetadocs System Settings Company details screen.

Zetadocs Expenses Web Service SOAP URL

Zetadocs Expenses internal web service address used to communicate with NAV.


3.Testing the connection to Web Services - To test the web services, click the Test button next to Zetadocs Expenses Web Service SOAP URL. You may be prompted for the credentials of the user configured in the service instance. Insert the credentials and click the Ok button to test the connection.  If you see the "Connection test was successful" prompt, you have successfully configured the service.

4.Save your settings.


Starting the Connector Service

Now that you have configured each of the individual elements of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector configuration file you are ready to start the service.

1.Run View Local Services.

2.Locate Zetadocs Expenses Connector.

3.Start the service.

note_image Note: The user must have sufficient rights to make outgoing Internet calls. We recommend creating a specific network user account for this purpose. Prior to starting the connector it is advised to log in to the server hosting the Zetadocs Expenses Connector and check internet access.

The connector should now be operational, if you have problems starting your connector please review each topic above.


Configuring the Zetadocs Expense Export Codes

Sign in to the Zetadocs Expenses website using your Zetadocs account details.

Configure the Export Codes

1.Set up export codes for one of each of the below Zetadocs Expenses Settings tabs. Entry of additional export codes can be done after the testing has been completed.

oUsers > Manage (right pointing arrow to the far right) > Export Settings > Export Code (matching a NAV Vendor number for the user account)

oExpense Types > Airfare > Manage >

Details > Export Description

Export Settings > Export Code (matching a relevant NAV G/L account)

oSales Tax > Add New Rate button > Standard Rate (matching NAV Sales Tax setup)



TAX Business Posting Group UK


TAX Product Posting Group UK


TAX Group Code US/CA


TAX Area Code US/CA



oSales Tax > Add New Rate button > Zero Rate



Zero Rate VAT Business Posting Group


Zero Rate VAT Product Posting Group

e.g. ZERO


You have now completed the base configuration required to test the NAV integration.


Testing the Export to NAV

Creating test data in Zetadocs Expenses

1.Sign in to Zetadocs Expenses using the Administrator user account.

2.Create a new expense (home1 Home page > new_expense1 New Expense tile) using the ‘Airfare’ Expense Type you modified earlier.

3.Create a new report (home1 Home page > new_report1 New Report) and attach the expense you have created by choosing new_item1.

4.Submit the Expense Report, setting the Approver and Processor to the Administrator user account.

5.Choose the tasks1 Tasks button and change Tasks to do to All of my tasks.

6.Open the expense report and approve it. You may need to refresh the page to see the new task.

7.Wait until the status of the Expense Report changes to Submitted then re-open it and click the Approve button again to finalize the Approval / Processed stage. Again, refreshing the page will speed up the testing.

8.Choose the status1 Status button then click the ‘Tap here to retrieve submitted Reports’.

9.Place a tick to the left of the approved report,  choose the action_menu1 action menu, then choose Export.

10.Wait until the status of the Expense Report changes to Done, or click the action_menu1 action menu and select Refresh.

11.The report status should show as ‘Done’. If not, any export errors will be logged in the History section of the View Export Report page and will highlight the nature of the export error.

12.Sign in to NAV to verify a Purchase Invoice has been created matching your Zetadocs Expenses data.

You can now return to System Settings to configure the rest of your Zetadocs Expenses Export Codes.

Quick start training materials for Zetadocs Expenses users can be found here: