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Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Expenses Administrators role.

Accessed via: main_menu1 > System Settings

Expenses can be submitted in different currencies; with automatic currency conversion back to your home currency. Typical, rates per currency are suggested on the Currencies screen during initial setup and can be edited here if there are significant fluctuations.

These conversion rates are used to automatically calculate exchange rates when your users enter international travel expenses. Users are able to override these exchange rates with their own given most credit card companies levy a fee for handling of foreign exchange.

For obvious reasons you can't change the Home Currency (set in the System Settings) which will always be set to 1.

Changing / Currency Rates

oEnter the desired exchange rate (relevant to the system Home Currency).

oUse the Save button to save your changes.


Enabling / Disabling

note_image Note: Disabled currencies will not be given as an option to the user when entering their expenses. It is therefore advisable to disable all currencies that are not needed. If one is needed as later date it can simply be enabled again.

oBy default, any disabled currencies types are hidden from the list. This ensures the list remains 'current'. However, you can include these in the list by placing a tick in the Include Disabled Currencies check box..

oCurrencies can be disabled by removing the tick from their Enabled box .